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Paper's Insta-Walgreens Gift Guide

You know who has lots of last-minute gifts? Walgreens! With only two days until Christmas, and a long line of names to check off our gift lists, we headed to our local Wags on 34th and 5th to pick out some treats. If you're still on the hunt - get going! Happy holidays!

Mickey's picks:

mb1.jpgRobo | iHome rechargeable speaker ($19.99)
I'm not a technie, and am not really sure what this is for, but it's cute! [Ed note: It's a speaker.]

mb2.jpgMickey Mouse Chia Pet ($15.99)
Since this literally has my name on it, people will think of me every time they look at it. Plus, as a plant, it helps fight global warming.

mb5.jpgGoo Gone ($7.99)
I don't have any goo that needs to be gone, but I have a feeling nobody I know owns this little item which is certainly a conversation piece.

Sparkly Santa figurine ($7.99)
It's Santa and it's disco. Double your pleasure. Double your fun.

mb4.jpgBarbie hairstyling kit ($9.99)
If that little boy in your life loves Barbie, chances are he'll grow up to work in a hair salon. This kit will make sure he's trained and ready.

Elizabeth's picks:

et1.5.JPGSlippers ($9.99)
Everyone needs slippers for "me time." Any by "me time" I mean sitting in front of the TV drunk, crying at that Cat Power Apple commercial where a seemingly disinterested pissy surprises his family with a Christmas home movie.

et2.JPGKiwi tie dye shoelaces (3.99)
Punch up them Chucks!

dogtoys.jpgDog toys. ($9.99)
That skunk!

et3.JPGPersonal ice cream maker ($9.99)
Your own personal homemade ice cream on the reg. Think of the possibilities.

et4.JPGGloves ($1.99) + Hothands hand warmers ($2.99)
Cheapy gloves are always the way to go.Throw in some Hothands hand warmers for extra toastiness.

et5.JPGMinimalist magnets ($2.99)
When it comes to fridge magnets, we generally subscribe to the rule of "the gaudier and fuglier, the better." But how cute are these little simple Sallies?

Maggie's picks:

md1.jpgProrasco grooming products (After Shave Lotion, $14; Omega Shave Brush, $19; Shaving Foam, $9; Shaving Cream Tube, $10; After Shave Balm, $16)
The packaging and presentation of these products makes them look way more precious then the price suggests. They blend that old-school barbershop vibe with the modern manicured-man aesthetic perfectly.

md2.jpgHello Kitty swag ($1.99)
Cute! Affordable! Hello! Kitty.

md3.jpgLe Couvent des Mihimes soaps ($6.99)
Once again wooed by pretty packaging. These look -- and smell -- like they came from a yuppie Brooklyn boutique. What can I say, I love a good cover!

md4.jpgTooth Tunes toothbrush w/ One Direction's 'One Thing' ($9.99)
Adding a pop soundtrack to the monotony of brushing one's teeth will make every day feel like a holiday.  

md5.jpgJumbo flask ($19.99)
Drink responsibly!

Abby's picks:

as1.5.JPGPortable Foot Massager ($12.49)
Even though you know this thing will break after approximately three uses, the red flannel/black-and-white polka dot combo is just so "trendy" you know your mom will love it.

as2.JPG3D Crest Whitestrips double pack ($64.99)
This is one of those gifts you have to be careful about because it could come off like a criticism. Personally, after all the coffee/sugar/booze you'll be consuming this holiday season, we recommend you just buy this gift for yourself.

as3.JPGFeathered catnip toy ($3.49)
Don't neglect that fun and funky feline in your life.

as5.JPGSunglasses ($9.99)
Ray-Ban, shmay-bans. You always lose your $200 sunglasses anyway.

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