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The Top 10 Most Criminally Underappreciated Videos of 2013

Though 2013 was unquestionably a pretty chill year for viral videos, but for every half-funny song about foxes that got 300 million views, there were tons of other hidden gems on YouTube, Vine or Instagram video that weren't watched by nearly as many eyeballs as they deserved. Without further ado, here are 2013's Top 10 Most Criminally Underappreciated Videos.

10. "You're Correct Horse"

A horse. A sax. Shades. A horse playing the sax, wearing shades!  A horse playing the sax, wearing shades, telling you that you -- you, and only you -- are correct! You were right the whole time! You should believe in yourself a little more sometimes, you know? Funny points deducted for spelling "you" wrong at the end, but horses aren't the best with grammar, so we're willing to let it go.

9. Adam Driver's Tea-Bagging Tips
Adam Driver's never seemed more beguiling than in this bedroom clip where he gives us a valuable piece of advice concerning head-to-scrotum sex acts.

8. "Pickwick Dancing Granny"

This lady is so on-trend with her orthopedic-sneakers and bucket hat, it's ridiculous. The fact that she dances like Julian Assange at a rave and can do more push-ups/dry humps than we can makes her officially the coolest.

7. "Teddy Bear the Porcupine's Halloween Feast"
Teddy Bear the porcupine's been around for a minute, and we guess you can't expect everyone to freak out every time his caretakers at the Texas-based Zooniversity upload a video of him greedily and busily chowing down on corn on the cob, but, actually you can. You can and should expect the Internet to explode whenever there's a new Teddy Bear video, because Teddy Bear is a national Internet treasure. He should join the hallowed ranks of every dog saying I love you, every cat giving a high five, every adorable child doing something hilarious in a back seat. He is a prince. Also, back the F up off Ted when he's eating a tiny pumpkin. He will definitely cut a bitch.

6. "Baboon Grabs Female TV Reporter's Breasts And Smiles Like Creepy Molester"
Baboons are scary as fuck and this really could have gone awry, but there's something so hilarious and fascinating about the fact that he shakes hands with her first, then goes in for the boob grab. Basically, every OKCupid date we've ever been on. Badump bump.

5. "Booty In the Air"

Since we discovered this clip back in April, we've probably watched it at least a dozen times and still don't know what the hell is going on. Produced by a web comedy crew called "Dormtainment," this video features two shirtless dudes, three chains, and one sexagenarian in a blue blazer. From the lollipop in the front-and-center guy's mouth to the lady asking "Am I done?" at the end, "Booty In the Air" is honestly better than any performance art piece we came across at MoMA/Art Basel/MOCA/LACMA/Frieze etc. etc. in 2013.

4. "Cats Are Assholes! (Compilation)"
This video was taken down by its original creator and re-posted by a kindly Vine user, so who knows what the original view tally would have been, but holy shit, this is my favorite video of the year year. From the cat pushing his cat friend down a ladder -- followed by a cartoon crashing sound -- to the toilet paper-roll destroying kitties, it's clear: Cats are stone cold thugs.

3. "tyler new bowl cut"
Short. Sweet. Let's not re-invent the wheel when it comes to announcements about your new bowl cut, you know? Tyler gets it.

2. "Where's Her Parents?"

This girl is just so silly and cute it's bananas. She's the perfect fizzy chaser to the dry reporter with shellacked hair and a red, lace-up shirt. There are a few clips of this visual treat floating around the web but our favorite version -- a Vine -- includes a weary-sounding woman wearing a sweatshirt asking three immortal words, "Where's her parents?"

1. "Rahm Emanuel Dancing to Blurred Lines at the Taste of Chicago"

Where to begin. There are so many things right about this video. For starters, the fact that Rahm Emanuel, the current Mayor of our nation's third-largest city and President Obama's former Chief of Staff, appears to be completely alone -- no security detail, no staff, no entourage -- and hanging out at a Robin Thicke concert at the culinary festival equivalent of a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives marathon is magical. And then the fact that he gets so moved by Thicke's pervy, white boy R&B lyrics that he just can't help but dance --no, air hump -- against a chair in front of him before taking off his tie and wearing goddamn sunglasses practically gives us heart palpitations. There's just something so sexy about watching this clip of a silver-haired, foul-mouthed, ex-ballerino-turned-politician with missing fingers having a little "me time."

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