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Michael Cera, Alia Shawkat + Bill Hader Star in Islands' New Mockumentary

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Michael Cera, Bill Hader, Jon Daly, Joe Lo Truglio and Alia Shawkat -- among other very funny people -- star in this perfect new band mockumentary on Islands and their new album, Ski Mask. [Pitchfork]

A local news reporter in Lodi, California was minding her biz, reporting on a local grape festival when a baboon named Mickey came up, shook her hand, and then grabbed her boob and bared his teeth. Isn't that just like a damn baboon? Why are baboons so disgusting? [Dlisted]

Here is a video of Jon Hamm cuddling a baby snow leopard on Jimmy Kimmel last night. That is all. [Towleroad]

ICYMI: Stephen Merchant and Joseph Gordon Levitt had a lip synch battle on Jimmy Fallon the other night and it was pretty awesome. Jo Go Lev really goes there but Merchant bests him the "Single Ladies" dance.

tumblr_mtn0gnLUKJ1ruw1vso2_1280.jpgVia Buzzfeed's masterful roundup of hilariously bad book covers.

tumblr_mi6obwFWRZ1qj0u7fo1_500.jpgBasic bitch bday. [Ratsoff]

Good god this video of a baby trying ice cream for the very first time it too, too cute. [Gawker]

tumblr_ms286eIUm41qk2aclo1_1280.jpgBut honest. [FYNFM]

Let's do this, Thursday. [FYD]

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