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Adam Driver Has Some Tea-Bagging Tips For Us

Here's a very strange Instagram video of Adam Driver giving tea-bagging tips. Hey, we'll take what we can get. Whenisthisshowcomingback?

gap-fall13-otrwr-a-2644557a.jpg Also, Adam Driver is a Gap model now. [Refinery29]

Why is this stupendous video of an 83-year-old woman getting DOWN at a concert in Seattle bracketed to start at the 1:30 mark? At 0:50 she dry-humps the ground/does push-ups for like 30 seconds straight! [TastefullyOffensive]

tumblr_mrgfq5LCFI1rs467vo1_400.gifOh Danny D! [TallWhitney]
This is a video of a woman doing sign language interpretation for Kendrick Lamar at Lollapalooza. She is a bad bitch and our perma-inspiration. [TheClearlyDope]
TGTH.jpg As long as you're profiting. [Mlkshk]
 timeteen.png Time travel is fugly and boring. [JuliaSegal]

1174918_10153142398205052_2036373061_n.jpgIt was inevitable: The Anthony Weiner hot dog food truck is now a thing in NYC. [h/t Peter Davis]

tumblr_mrkstgBAqf1s5lg4ho1_1280.jpgHey there. Join me? [FYeahDementia]
This video of a Puggle named Charlie baring his teeth at his owner is titled "Funny Puggle Teeth," but should maybe be titled "Charlie picturing your head on a tray with an apple in your mouth." [TastefullyOffensive]

kkoler.gifYou this weekend. [Pizzzatime]

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