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Tiny Baby Elvis Singer Will Soothe Your Soul


Tough week? Let this video of a tiny girl named Ella singing the hell out of Elvis Presley's cover of "An American Trilogy" carry you into the weekend on a ray of sunshine. Excellent facial expressions abound. [Hypervocal] markwhalbergcloseenough.png
Mark Wahlberg posed for a photo with a fan who mistook him for Matt Damon, and didn't correct her, because he is THAT GREAT of a guy. Say hello to your mother for him. [Gawker]

backtofuture2.png back-to-the-future-makeup-2-597x1024.jpgA redditor and the folks at Uproxx have provided us with side-by-sides of what Back to the Future 's stars look like now, nearly 30 years later, compared to to the age makeup they wore in the movie and its sequel and which showed them living in the unthinkable year of 2015. Clearly, Bif wins.  [Uproxx]

Electric guitar squeal, high five, snap into a Slim-Jim! Here's a video of a skateboarding dog kickflipping his board at a skate park. [LaughingSquid]

castingpics.pngCasting agent Bonnie Timmerman took these photos of various actors back in the day. Natalie Portman (center row, far left) and Gwyneth Paltrow (bottom row, center) take the cake for most awkward and cutest. [DailyDot]

tumblr_mqdibbkhdg1s141ako1_1280.jpgI know, right? [LaughterKey]

cookiecookie.gifUs whenever food gets put out at a party/work event/anywhere. [PizzzaTime]

This video proves why cats are the funniest (but dogs are the best). YES, WE SAID IT. [TastefullyOffensive]

catfriend.gifSee caption above. [JuliaSegal]

scarysimpsons.jpgJust in case you planned on sleeping tonight .... [FYeahDementia]

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