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Tennessee Thomas Is Opening a Pop-Up Shop/Cool Kid Clubhouse

Heads up, British expat, former drummer in The Like and all-around babe-about-town Tennessee Thomas has created a new cool kid clubhouse-slash-modern day 'happening' in the East Village. Inspired by the intermingling of art, music and fashion in places like Andy Warhol's Factory, Thomas has opened up The Deep End Club, a pop-up shop where she can gather her crew of creative friends together and expose their work to the public. You can expect to find medical science-inspired jewelry by Meghan Farrell, dresses hand-painted with organic, small batch dyes made by Audrey Louise Reynolds, artwork by Adam Green, and exclusive mixtapes by the band, Skaters NYC, among other fun stuff that will be featured throughout the upcoming months. We got the chance to chat with Thomas about her store ahead of its opening party tonight and hear more about it. Read on.

How did this pop-up shop come to pass?

I'd been walking past empty shop fronts in the East Village and fantasizing about having a shop/HQ in the vein of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren's Let it Rock, a place to collaborate with all the incredible creatives in my scene, feature all their creations and create more. After looking at a few spaces I realized it was financially unrealistic. But I mentioned it to a few friends, and a couple of months later a friend said "I think I found you a shop" and introduced me to these ladies on 1st Ave. who owned A Repeat Performance and had just taken the lease on the shop next door and were looking for a partner to collaborate with. As those ladies already have so much amazing mid-century furniture and knick-knacks, it was a dream opportunity. They also have an orphanage in Nepal and with their anti-fracking and VOTE stickers on the window, I knew I was in good company!

What's your goal for the shop?

I want the Deep End Club to be a happening! An experiment! It's been a fascinating experience having an open door -- I've [met] so many eccentric local characters and so many artists, and it's been brilliant so far.

Where does the name for the store come from?

Well, we've thrown ourselves straight into the deep end! My dad [Pete Thomas, drummer for Elvis Costello's band] had a thing called "The Deep End Club" when he was crazy in his band. If somebody called a Deep End Club meeting, everyone had to jump in the pool fully clothed regardless of what was in their pockets. It seemed appropriate. I also like that it's a club with a clubhouse.
What should we be on the look out for at The Deep End Club?

All of my friends are incredibly creative, so it's been a lot of fun getting them all to contribute things to the shop. I am very excited about my friend Theodora Allen who is an incredible painter. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Besides opening The Deep End Club, what other shenanigans have you been up to since The Like's hiatus?

I moved to New York when the band split, utterly heartbroken, and really had to build a whole new life for myself. But it's been so much fun decorating my little magpie nest, and after so many years of touring, I must admit it's nice to have a home. I DJ three or four nights a week and I was given a job doing A&R for an independent record company. I've also been jamming a lot with some like-minded friends I've made since I got here and had a group called the Awareness Experiment that came about during the Occupy movement, which happened exactly when I arrived in New York.

Photos courtesy of @TheDeepEndClub on Instagram.

The Deep End Club, 156 First Ave., New York; check out the store's opening party tonight from 5-8pm.

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