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Fashion -- and Bubbles -- For All Ages

bubbles1.jpgBea wears a dress and headband by J. Crew.

bubbles2.jpgLily wears a vintage coat from Melet Mercantile, t-shirt by Forever 21, shorts by Burberry, boots by Palladium and socks by Sunspel.


Evan wears shirts by Levi's, shorts by Burberry, hat by Levi's from H.W. Carter & Sons, sunglasses by Paul Smith, backpack and sandals by H&M and socks by Sunspel.

Romana wears a blouse by Burberry and pants by Guess.

bubbles5.jpgAlbert Maysles (left) wears a suit by Ruben, shirt and tie by Brooks Brothers and glasses by Barton Perreira. Helen Marden (right) wears a trench by Burberry, shirt by Forever 21, pants by Rag & Bone, sunglasses by Tom Ford, shoes by Gucci, watch by Cartier and vintage Jewelry from Screaming Mimi's. 

bubbles6.jpgDapper Lou wears a t-shirt and shorts by Ralph Lauren, hat by Borsalino, shoes by Paul Smith and watch by Brera Orologi.

bubbles7.jpgKaitlin wears a bikini top by H&M, shorts by Big Star and vintage motorcycle boots from Screaming Mimi's.

bubbles8.jpgMinai wears a pajama shirt by Sleepy Jones and trunks and sneakers by H&M.

bubbles9.jpgAlex (left) wears a t-shirt by Marc Jacobs, pants by Marc by Marc Jacobs, sunglasses by Paul Smith, sneakers by Converse, watch by Casio and vintage silver rings from Screaming Mimi's. Aine (right) wears a plaid shirt by Marc Jacobs, t-shirt by Forever 21, pants by J Brand and shoes by JuJu.

bubbles10.jpgMr. So and So wears a vintage tuxedo by Paul Smith and cufflinks by Maker & Company.

bubbles11.jpgEve wears a dress, sunglasses, bag and shoes by Louis Vuitton and vintage socks from Screaming Mimi's.

bubbles12.jpgBea (left) wears a dress and headband by J. Crew and sandals by Saltwater. Nicholas (right) wears a blazer, shirt and pants by Crew Cuts.

bubbles13.jpgJohn (left) wears a suit by Stuart Lamprell Bespoke, shirt by Anto Beverly Hills and shoes by Edward Green.

bubbles14.jpg(l-r) Jean wears a blazer and blouse by H&M, shorts by Ralph Lauren, hat by Deena & Ozzy and sneakers by Superga. Joe wears a suit and shoes by Brooks Brothers and t-shirt by William Rast. Harry wears a polo by Prada, pants by Ralph Lauren, sunglasses by Ray-Ban and shoes by Vans.

Bubbles created by Kishan Mahabir

Photographer's Assistant: Meron Menghistab
Casting: Barbara Pfister
Prop stylist: Sarah Lathrop
Digitech: Ethan Klein
Fashion Coordinator: Kelly Govekar
Interns: Alana Peters, Connor Krill, Brandon Sanichar, Nova Bajamonti, Josephine Viemeister and Caitlin Corrigan. 

Hair by Kyle Malone for L'Oreal / Makeup by Beau Derrick for Dior both at Next Artists

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