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Madonna's "#SecretProject" Trailer: Prison Abuse and the Usual Madonna Shenanigans


Madonna's back with a new secret project called ... #SecretProject -- which, ugh, when will putting hastags in the official title of something stop being trendy? Madge already teased a little clip of the #SP a month ago and what you see above you is a combination of the two trailers. Here's what everyone knows about it so far: Madge is working with photographer/filmmaker Steven Klein (who worked on visuals for her Re-Invention, Celebration and Sticky & Sweet tours) and Rihanna will be involved. Based on the trailer -- which is full of near-naked men, ballet dancing, simulated prison abuse, a rant about the necessity of acceptance, and a very stressed, twitchy-looking eyeball -- we'd say Madonna and Riri-dressed-as-Madonna are going to sexxxily beat up their prisoners, realize their error and join forces to stop the abuse. But only after the realization that they actually just want to make out/grind on each other while an old woman in a hooded cloak, standing in a corner whispers "it's a secret" over and over again while a ripped dude holds a baby that's wearing an eye patch. You know, the usual Madonna stuff. Watch above.

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