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Everclear's "Father of Mine" is a Battle Cry for the Daddy Wars


Today in the New Republic, Marc Tracy makes a case for what he calls the "Daddy Wars" (though the phrase has previously been used by Time, the New York Times, the Telegraph, Salon, the Nation, and -- what's that? -- the New Republic, just last month). Tracy's argument:

Most men stress over the next step in their professions, with the attitude that if they happen to fall in love and settle down, well, that's great, too. But recently, in many cases inspired by the women in our lives and the conversation they are having among themselves, we have begun to question whether our most basic priorities aren't out of whack, and to wonder whether, for reasons both social and surprisingly biological, we shouldn't be as "ambitious" to have children as we are to land the next great job.

Tracy notes that Americans spend nearly twice as much on Mother's Day gifts as they do on Father's Day (which falls on this Sunday). And here we must point out that, even though there are plenty of treacly songs about fathers, none are as good as Everclear's angsty 1997 hit "Father of Mine," with Art Alexakis's repeated wail, "My daddy gave me a name/ And then he walked away!" A downer, yes, but still worth hearing whether or not you subscribe to Kindling Quarterly.

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