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"Hipsters Who Dress Like Jackie From Roseanne" = Perfect


Screen-shot-2013-06-13-at-7.57.42-AM.jpgHow are we just now finding out about the amazing new Tumblr Hipsters Who Dress Like Jackie From Roseanne? It's hilarious and perfect. [via TheFrisky]

tumblr_mod4kgXlwz1qaqk3no2_1280.pngNew Favorite Twitter Alert: Feminist Taylor Swift. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

A video of dogs sticking their heads out the window. Could you ask for anything more? [Gawker]
 tumblr_moajjpHWGS1s9dnijo1_500.gifSurprise, it's Cookie Monster at the White House! [DailyDot]

tumblr_mo7imfBliP1r72zxzo1_500.jpgMorning Funnies Crest. [OldFilmsFlickr]

marilizeleguans.pngWokes deem every day. [LaughterKey]

tumblr_mo5w9088eF1qzdza2o1_500.jpgHave a greet weekend!
Cher's wig in this photo. [Superseventies]

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