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Home Depot Chic = Our Favorite New Fashion Trend

homedepot1.jpgFrom IRL to Instagram, there's a new fashion trend on the loose. It's Home Depot and it's HOT. If the signature orange bag is what you want -- as spotted at the V Files Karaoke party last week in NY, or on photographer Renata Raksha's instagram feed from LA -- sorry, that's no longer available. But there are more ways to wear the logo: at Pop Souk, we noticed a chic girl wearing a car-racing jacket with a Home Depot patch, and on several men and women, we've noticed this racing-inspired t-shirt by Heron Preston (of the Been Trill collective), which features a big Home Depot logo printed on the back (you can still cop one of these, in the VFiles shop). Then there's artist Lauren Devine, who posted a photo of herself posing in front of the store this week (due to the "hottie situation," the Bed-Stuy location gets the nickname "Homme Depot").

homedepot2.jpgAll of this is most sensibly viewed through a prism of wider trends (well, wider within the VFiles/DIS Magazine contingent, anyway), in which artists and designers are subverting mass-market branding both through the reproduction and recontextualization of logos (there's a wealth of examples in the VFiles shop), and through the appropriation of sponsorship-style layouts, such as those used in sports or at events (DIS Mag's personal zentai step-and-repeat is genius). But don't explain any of this to the execs at Home Depot when you write them to ask them to make more of the tote bags -- it'll be funnier if they're confused.


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