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The Breeders' Photo Tour Diary Part 3

As the Breeders travel the world this summer in support of LSXX, the 20th anniversary re-issue of the band's enduringly awesome Last Splash, bassist Josephine Wiggs is sharing her view of life on the road in a series of photo essays for Papermag. Below, check out her third installment.

Photo May 11, 10 21 57 PM.jpg
During the mile or so walk from our hotel in downtown Toronto to the Danforth Music Hall for soundcheck, Carrie and I unexpectedly found Morel mushrooms. An Italian restaurant near the gig kindly sautéed them, and Jim and I ate them before the show.

Photo May 12, 5 15 58 AM.jpgThe floor after the Toronto show. (Canadian beer cans.)

Photo May 13, 1 50 05 AM.jpgDetroit Majestic Theater, the stage after soundcheck, before show.

Photo May 14, 2 32 42 AM.jpgIn the van, Kim's socks, en route to Nashville.

Photo May 15, 6 46 55 AM.jpgWhen Kelley was rummaging through her change purse to find me some Advil PM (loose amongst the coins) I noticed she had this tiny compass in there, too.

Photo May 15, 7 02 33 AM.jpgAfter the Nashville show, a woman told me she had driven from El Paso, Texas, specially to see us. I asked how long it took and she said, "16 hours--the first day..." She then produced this CDR from her bag for us to sign, explaining it was a digital download of Last Splash. When I took it to Kim and Kelley, they were nonplussed, and lamenting the absence of the album artwork, Kim embellished it.

Photo May 15, 7 21 04 PM.jpgParking regulations in strip mall parking lot, outside Atlanta, GA.

Photo May 16, 9 32 51 PM.jpgGas station, Georgia. Kelley wanted to buy a lotto ticket, but the machine inside the gas station was broken.

Photo May 16, 9 52 53 PM.jpgEn route from Atlanta to Gulf Shores, AL. I don't know what this was in life, but it is beautiful in death.

Photo May 17, 8 44 52 PM.jpgHangout Festival at the beach, Gulf Shores, AL. I have never played a show for so many people wearing bikinis. After taking my "crowd shot" to tweet in the middle section of "Roi" (I play drums on this song) the camera was still on when I placed it on the floor tom.

Photo May 22, 3 43 20 PM.jpgPortrait of Kelley's mini Marshall, used to create the distinctive, tiny-but-epic lead guitar sound on "Mad Lucas."

Photo May 22, 4 59 33 PM.jpgAt the Apolo, Barcelona, we were the unannounced band playing the "secret show" which kicks off the Primavera Sound Festival. Backstage, Kelley is puzzled by what appears to be a bread sandwich -- two slices of white bread, with a slice of brown bread in the middle.

Photo May 24, 1 44 37 PM.jpgAt the Apolo, Barcelona, backstage.

Photo May 22, 9 26 25 PM.jpgPrimavera Sound, Barcelona.

Photo May 24, 10 41 50 PM.jpgThe Breeders guitars at Primavera, ready to go on stage.

Roadside fare, Ohio, USA.

And something to drink? Georgia, USA

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