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Jimmy Kimmel Got a Bunch of People to Lie About Kim Kardashian Giving Birth


Jimmy Kimmel went around asking people in Hollywood where they were when Kim and Kanye had their baby and, since the Kimye tot is still safely gestating in Kim's womb, all these people are bold-faced liars. It's great. If you enjoyed people pretending they "so totally love" fake bands at Coachella, then you should probably watch this. [via Jimmy Kimmel Live]

Here's a funny video about what happens when a new roommate wants to go on a bike ride and the other one demurs because she has some...butt issues (to put it euphemistically). It stars writer/comedian Mara Altman (Thanks for Coming). [via Death + Taxes]

tumblr_mny0vh2hrz1qanm80o1_500.pngWe'd sell our right kidney to play champagne beer pong with Daft Punk. [via I'm With Kanye]

Here's something you never knew you wanted before: five decently cute guys performing the a capella version of the Game of Thrones theme song. [via Tastefully Offensive]

tumblr_mkp4vqe8631qj2qepo1_500.gifLadies and gentlemen, here's Liber-cat-ce twinkling the ivories. [via Bunny Food]

tumblr_mnughd1fdz1r8cpfgo1_400.gifIs it bad that we'd rather watch a show based off of this GIF than Game of Thrones? [via F Yeah Dementia]

Last summer we talked to Aubrey Plaza about her new movie "The To Do List," in which she plays a recently graduated high school valedictorian who makes it her mission to lose her virginity and check sexual goals off of the titular "to-do list" before college. Now there's an official red band trailer for the flick and it actually looks really fun! Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Alia Shawkat and Donald Glover are all in the movie and, for reasons unknown, it's set in 1993. If nothing else, you can expect a nice Salt n' Pepa-heavy soundtrack. [via Splitsider]

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 8.31.00 AM.pngLifetime's Liz & Dick is a mighty tough act to follow but BBC gives zero fucks and is making their own Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton biopic. And, guess what? It stars a nearly unrecognizabel Helena Bonham Carter (above) as Taylor! [via DListed]

ICYMI: Here's a clip of a Saudi man balling out and texting on the hood of a moving car on the highway. We have no words. [via The Daily What]

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