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Weird, Smart, Funny, Yummy: 10 Food Blogs to Know Now

We round up some of the best food blogs making us hungry right now...


This illustrator's blog is fixated on food, placing it in playful contexts with human figures (who ride Asian eggplants, or float on Cheerios). The impulse to interject food into non-eating activities is a recurring theme in her work, just as it is in our lives and popular culture.


Part scrapbook of images, part diary of encounters with preposterous plants, this blog adds rich chapters to our awareness of the vegetable world. Scroll through to find vintage seed packet artwork or a review of artichoke tea.


This start-up lets you interact with others who are also growing gardens all season long. By pinpointing your location, you can read about the trials and tribulations of nearby gardeners, share resources or bumper crops or build a community. It's a modern resource for the tech-savvy green thumb.

foodsurf4.jpgRafael Rozendaal's Twitter

This artist is on a quest to tweet (@RRfood) everything he eats. By recording every morsel that goes into his mouth, from peanut M&M's to bulgur and grilled red snapper, in succinct, real-time bursts, he gives a genuine account of the modern diet.


Who doesn't love sandwiches? And we can probably all agree that a cross-section shot is the best way to view them. In this gallery of such snapshots, meaty, colorful sandwiches get their appropriate spotlight, with information on where to find them and what they're made of.


Artist Dan Cretu swaps in food for pop culture concepts (a sneaker made of orange peel) or replaces food with other objects (like a rose blooming from an ice cream cone) throughout his gallery of photos. Highly orchestrated, with nary a description attached to any project, it presents "food for thought" in a literal sense.


If there's such a thing as food porn, then this site is like a penthouse orgy of supermodels. Equally unafraid to fix its gaze on french fries or sushi, this gallery of insanely gorgeous (and unblurbed) food photos is unbelievably gratifying.

foodsurf8.jpgNoodle Soup Oracle

It works like whatthefuckshouldimakefordinner.com, only it's focused on noodles. With suggestions boiled down to single sentences rather than verbose recipes, it's best for the noodle enthusiast with endless wonder and an appetite for variety.

foodsurf9.jpg@CatFoodBreath on Twitter

This fat Siamese cat is a narcissistic sushi gourmand with a bombastic swagger and a penchant for sleeping all day. Couldn't we all be one?


The sweet tooth's answer to scanwiches.com, this blog dissects candy in all its gooey glory. There are many more exotic candy bar varieties scanned on this site than the expectable renditions from Mars.

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