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Mr. Mickey's Top 10 Reasons to Love Paula Deen

Mr. Mickey just returned from Savannah where he attended the SCAD senior fashion show and, while he was there, he fell in love with Paula Deen all over again. Below, he shares ten reasons to love the Queen of Butter.

Paula Deen 1.jpg
1. Her signature dessert is Gooey Butter Cake. Anybody who leads with the word 'gooey' can't be all bad.

2. When I say 'Paula Deen' fast with a southern accent it sounds like Willadeene which is the name of my favorite of Dolly Parton's sisters.

3. She has an Uncle named Bubba.

pauladeen2.jpg4. Every meal at Deen's restaurant, the Lady & Sons, includes a garlic cheese biscuit and a hoe cake. We're not 100% sure what a hoe cake is but it's tastes yumzy.

5. She suffered from agoraphobia so it's a miracle she's even able to leave the house let alone make yummy, high-fat, Southern treats!

6. She was once the Grand Marshal of the Tournament of Roses parade in 2011. That's something.

pauladeen3.jpg7. People tell my mother she looks like Paula.

8. The security lady at Savannah-Hilton Head airport told me Paula comes through there all the time and is just as sweet in person as she is on TV. I believe her.

9. She's a silver fox!

10. She sells Paula Deen butter-flavored lip balm in her gift shop.

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