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Robert Oades Polaroids of Off-Duty Models Are Super Cute

Scan 20_19.jpeg
Photographer Rob Oades has been taking polaroids of his model subjects while they're off-duty (or having a cig during photo shoot breaks) throughout the years and has amassed quite the cute collection. From well-known models like Anja Rubik to actress Felicity Jones, it's fun to see Oades' subjects let their guards down. We also get a kick out of the scribbles models leave on their photos -- you're right, Rianne ten Haken, it probably ain't much if it ain't Dutch. If only we were Dutch models...

Check out some of Oades' polaroids above and below.

Scan 31.jpeg
Looks like American girl Samantha Gradoville can't stop posing after the shoot's over. She's wearing Prada Spring 2012 (of course).
Scan 17_16.jpeg
Polish model Anja Rubic getting a little camera shy.
Scan 29_28.jpeg
Emily Baker and Aline Weber hanging out in Munich.

Scan 22.jpeg
A wide-eyed Felicity Jones in dramatic eyeshadow makes for a memorable shot.
Scan 21_20.jpeg
Dutch model Rianne ten Haken leaves particularly sassy Sharpie commentary.

Scan 17.jpeg
Oades took this photo of Daphne Groeneveld showing off her famous smile while on a cover story shoot for Korean Vogue.

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