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Olivia Wilde Tells Us About That One Time Frank Ocean Approached Her In a Unicorn Ski Mask

oliviawilde_carrera.JPGAmidst the hubbub surrounding the Met Ball and Frieze this week, New York's 5 Beekman St. hosted its final fête before the beautiful, dilapidated late-nineteenth century building gets re-made into a luxury hotel. Eyewear brand Carrera hosted the last hurrah, celebrating their more than a half-century in business with a party whose guests included Olivia Wilde, Derek Blasberg and stylist Robert Verdi, among others. We caught up with Wilde about her favorite encounter at the Met Ball and which rap song is her go-to morning jam. 

Nice shades. Are you one of those actresses that wears sunglasses inside or at night?

I'm not the person who rolls into a party with the shades on. Never been that girl. But I think one of the most embarrassing things about being a celebrity is wearing sunglasses at the airport.

So you do that?

Yeah and I feel like an idiot. But I also don't want people taking pictures and being able to see how exhausted I am after a nine-hour flight. Sunglasses can be a barrier between you and a photographer and can make you feel a little bit safer and a little more private. I guess that's why people do it.

Any highlights from the Met Ball?

I met Frank Ocean but he was wearing a ski mask so I didn't get to enjoy [the interaction]. This man came up to me and was like, "Hello, you look beautiful." And I was like, "You're wearing a ski mask with a unicorn on it!" and "I don't know who [you are]!" And then he walked away and I saw him roll it up and I was like, [screaming] "THAT'S FRANK OCEAN!"

What music are you listening to right now?

I've been listening to a ton of hip-hop. A$AP Rocky's "Fuckin' Problems" is my morning pump-up jam. I love that song because Hit Boy who made the beat for that and who's made the beat for Kanye and Jay-Z's "Clique," he's like 25 years old, lives in Brooklyn and is a genius so I'm really into him and everything he's made. I'm still on my Kendrick Lamar kick. I heard four new Kanye songs at the Met Ball that I really liked. 

Any big summer plans?

I'm working this summer. Actually, I'm hoping to travel to India. I want to go to Calcutta and New Delhi. In Calcutta, I want to visit this incredible girls' school run by an organization called New Light. We are doing a fashion collaboration including this dress that I'm wearing. It'll be available at Anthropologie in September and sales will raise money to support this school.

Did you help design the dress?

Yes. I'm starting a company called Conscious Commerce with my partner, Barbara Burchfield and we are pairing brands with NGOs -- so small, locally-run organizations [paired] with bigger brands. We're helping people incorporate consciousness with their commerce.

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