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Watch The Lonely Island Hijack Between Two Ferns


James Franco was the latest guest to be treated to deadpan, mildly-uncomfortable questions from Zach Galifianakis in the comedian's satirical talk show Between Two Ferns. But, just when you think the entire interview is going to be Galifianakis asking whether Franco's "sausage resembles Jimmy Dean's," the clip gets hijacked by our cover guys, The Lonely Island. It's frickin' awesome. Dressed in swaggy spring break gear (we assume it's partly a nod to Franco's recent movie, Spring Breakers), Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer call all the "hot girls" onstage (which is adjacent to where Galifianakis and Franco are sitting) before the video morphs and we suddenly see the trio transported to an MTV-worthy spring break rager in Cancún or Lake Havasu.

While this would be fun in and of itself, amidst the guys' sing-rapping about "puke and rally" and "banging chicks right there in the sand" comes a weird (yet awesome) gay marriage parallel storyline. The video inexplicably cuts from images of girls in wet t-shirt contests to shots of Samberg and Galifianakis holding hands in a marriage ceremony, Franco and Shaffer looking at wedding stationary fonts and, craziest of all, Ed Norton(!) and Taccone feeding each other wedding cake. Apparently the video is part of the trio's "Wack Wednesdays," in which they'll release a new video or song each Wednesday ahead of the June 11 release of their newest record, The Wack Album (though it's a little unclear if the song in the video -- "Spring Break Anthem" -- appears on the record). Watch the clip above and head over HERE to read more about The Lonely Island in this month's issue of PAPER.

[via Funny Or Die]

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