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Preview Works From Pratt's "Flameproof" Senior Thesis Exhibition

In February, Pratt Institute students who were in the midst of mid-term projects returned to the school's historic Main Building to find that their work had either been destroyed, or, at best, damaged, in a four-alarm fire that had broken out in the night. A devastating loss, surely -- the Times describes students weeping over destroyed pieces -- but all's not lost. Thanks to  Larry Gagosian and a few generous patrons, the 44 senior drawing and painting students affected by the fire have been given a gallery space at the Seagram Building (375 Park Avenue) to display those works salvaged from the fire, and ones inspired by it. Fittingly titled "Flameproof," the show runs from May 9th-May 14th. Below, a preview of some of the pieces that will be included, courtesy of Pratt.

Susan Luss Luss_Susan_View_2013.jpg "View," 2013 
Mix Media 96 x 54 x 34 inches 

Susan says: "While losing all of my Thesis work in the February 15th fire was initially devastating, followed by a period questioning how to go forward, I was finally able to focus my energies on collecting materials for future works, even if I did not know what they would be. That activity was fundamental to helping me make new work. 

Sally Novak S_Novak_Dermis_Detail2.jpg
It's a two-part installation entitled "Dermis". The materials are mixed media (modeling paste, fabric and acrylic mounted on canvas, aluminum lithography plates and copper wire). The dimensions are 94"x109". 

Sally says: "The installation is a departure, even though I'd previously worked with copper wire and fabric mounted on canvas. What changed was scope, larger size and color. I'm also focusing on surface, both reflective and sculptural in my new work."

Daniel Barragan StillLifeOfLamassu.jpg "Still Life With Lamassu," 2013 
Acrylic on Canvas 64 x 52 
Daniel says: "Since the fire my work has matured. Letting things go supports positive growth."

Madeline Mikolon Mikolon_Madeline_2013_Encore.jpg "Encore," 2013 
 Mixed wet media on paper 24" x 48"

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