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Oh No, The Porn Parody of Parks and Recreation


1.  Oh gawd, here's the trailer for the porn parody of Parks and Recreation, "Porks & Recreation." As much as we love making fun of porn parodies, Parks and Rec is too sweet and well-meaning a show for this. [via Death and Taxes]

spl534220_001.jpg2.  Ke$ha was looking unnervingly normal at last night's secret Rolling Stones concert in L.A. [via Dlisted]

3ssionhi.jpeg3.  Paper Person and Beautiful Person of 2012 Ms. Fitz art directed this shoot of SSION in Black Magazine. SSION, as usual, looks cuckoo.

ronnie-spector-banner.jpg4.  Rock legend Ronnie Spector's critically-acclaimed multimedia production Beyond The Beehive will return to NYC. Two performances will be held at the City Winery, one on May 6th and the other on 7th. Tickets can be found here. [via Press Release]

nph-instagram.jpg5.  Neil Patrick Harris is now on Instagram, people. [via Pop Culture Brain]

phospho-sheep.png6.  The world's first phosphorescent sheep have supposedly been born in Uruguay. Scientists used a gene from jellyfish to make the sheep glow in the dark and the sheep seem perfectly healthy. That is, if they're not radioactive KILLER SHEEP. [via Science World]

7.  If we had a hard time believing in phosphorescent sheep, we have a really hard time believing in this Kickstarter campaign. These guys claim to have developed a wool shirt that feels like cotton and that you can wear 100 days straight without wrinkles or odor. [Thanks Gary!]

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