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Andy Spade and Sleepy Jones Launch a Luxe Pajama Line

sleep_in_1.jpgA model wears a piece from Andy Spade x Sleep Jones' new collection at the 24-hour "Sleep In"

Downtown Manhattan might not be home to as many "love-ins" as it was in the swingin' sixties, but it was the site of a decidedly more wholesome 24-hour "sleep-in" on Wednesday. In celebration of Andy Spade and Sleepy Jones' new collection of "not-quite-ready-to-wear," Noho's Lafayette House hosted a day of reading, writing, painting and some good old-fashioned bed jumping. The sleepwear-inspired collection, which joins a handful of other labels who have dipped their slipper-clad toes into the pajamas-as-clothing trend, was inspired, Spade tells us, by "artists and writers who work and live in their PJs." He adds, "The collection is designed to be worn inside and out, day or night... It's a uniform for people who want to be comfortable all day." In the "Sleep In" spirit, we asked the Partners & Spade co-founder and brand consultant about his favorite sleepover games, childhood pranks and what he keeps on his nightstand. Check out photos from the collection beneath Spade's answers.

What were your favorite sleepover games as kid?

My favorite sleepover games were not really games. My friends and I would usually build forts with blankets and chairs and then fight and wrestle and try to throw each other off until the last man was standing.

Did you play pranks on sleepovers?

We mostly snuck outside and played ding-dong ditch on the neighbors or threw water balloons at cars.

Please rank the following slumber party activities, in descending order of funness: light as a feather, stiff as a board; Bloody Mary; Truth or Dare; prank calling; ouija board.

1. Prank calling
2. Truth or Dare
3. Spin the Bottle [Ed note: Crap! We forgot a good one!]
4. Ouija Board

One pillow or two pillows?

Three pillows.

Are you a good sleeper? Do you fall asleep easily and sleep through the night?

I'm a light sleeper but a heavy dreamer.

What's on your nightstand?

Clock, book, pistachios, water, pen and paper, remote control

Do you sleep talk or walk?

My wife says I sleep talk but I don't believe her. Apparently I vocalize my dreams and musings. I engage in conversations with ghosts, monsters and and inanimate objects in my sleep.It drives my wife crazy!

andyspade1Marina Pajama Top Blue Stripe.jpgMarina Women's Pajama Top Blue Stripe
andyspade2Marina Pajama Top Liberty.jpg
Marina Women's Pajama Top Liberty
andyspade3Sol Pajama Pant Navy Floral.jpgSol Men's Pajama Pant Navy Floral

andyspade4Henry Pajama Top Navy.jpgHenry Mens' Pajama Top Navy

andyspade5Henry Pajama Top Red & Blue Stripe.jpg
Henry Mens' Pajama Top Red and Blue Stripe

Photos of the collection courtesy of Sleepy Jones; top photo by Amanda Jasnowski

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