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Coachella Chatz: Danny Brown

danny_brown_coachella.jpgWelcome to Coachella Chatz, in which we ask musicians at Coachella to answer our version of the Proust questionnaire. (That is, if Proust had fallen asleep in the sun for five hours outside the Gobi tent, wearing a tie-dyed onesie and holding a beer.) Below, we chat with Danny Brown.

What song reminds you of high school?

I don't know. It's not like I had my first kiss to a song -- I didn't have that type of life. It wasn't like Dawson's Creek or anything.

What was the first concert you ever went to?

It was LL Cool J, Run DMC and Beastie Boys.

What is the best song to cruise to in a car, windows down, sunroof open?

I don't know how to drive. I've never driven a car before.

What's your favorite song to make out to?

I'd rather hear sex noises and shit -- moaning and shit.

What was the first CD, cassette or vinyl you ever bought?

The first tape I ever bought was Kid 'n Play's 2 Hype.

Who is the best-dressed musician of all time?

Prince 'cause he had his shit custom-made. He didn't wear brands.

Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift?

I've never even heard a Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift song. I guess if I have to pick, I'd pick the girl 'cause I'm not picking the dude.

Here's something we asked bands in our April issue: If Weird Al covered one of your songs, what would he cover and what would he change the title to?

It'd probably be "Blunt After Blunt" and he'd probably call it "Cry Night After Night."

Who would you rather tour with: all denim-suit Justin Timberlake or Suit and Tie Justin Timberlake?

Neither one because we have totally different fan bases and I wouldn't want to perform in front of his crowd. I wouldn't want to know who'd come see that denim suit guy!

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