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10 Etsy Finds: Crowd-Surfing Dogs and Vegan Leather

1. Picasso Cats Scarf

This 3ft. x 3ft. silk chiffon scarf printed with a Picasso illustration of god's favorite animal, cats, is beautiful!


This guitar pick with a picture of a chill dog crowd-surfing on it had got to be the coolest guitar pick we've ever seen.

This oversized, color-blocked knit dress is apparently "very, very soft." Give... to ...us!

This colorful bag made of vegan leather seems like it can hold everything. Perfect for laptops, not so perfect for your neck muscles.


Who says tape can't be pretty? Nobody, that's who! Next time the back of the remote falls off and you need to tape the batteries in, reach for this.

This light-weight, backpack-style tote, featuring a lovely floral screenprint, is perfect for carrying a few essentials in the spring time.

A dainty little gold necklace that's just a little bit spooky.

This hand-stamped, cotton towel will help you clean up the crumbs from making...bacon and eggs, duh.

il_570xN.441201263_sckk.jpgLove this simple, handmade, sturdy white leather backpack!

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 3.24.25 PM.png
This "Thank You" tote is almost the exact same as its disposable version but in durable, non-rip vinyl. 

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