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RiFF RAFF Is Going To Appear On One Life to Live

Riff-Raff-2012-MTV-VMA-Jewelry.jpgBREAKING NEWS: RiFF RAFF will be on One Life to Live and he'll play a character named -- wait for it... -- Jamie Franko (get it?). He'll be a "shady art dealer who visists Llanview's popular hot spot, Shelter." DVRing this in 3-2-1. [via Press Release]

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 6.58.35 PM.pngMore amazing Arrested Development posters from Netflix. [via Hyper Vocal]

tumblr_ml1oeegPng1rn7bzro1_500.gifGoing so fast but not moving anywhere: this is how we feel when we need to make the transfer from the L train to the 6 every morning. [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

We're gonna DVR this shiz...it'll be ing our queue right beneath RiFF RaFF's soap opera debut. [via Coin Farts]

tumblr_mkufh4wcMt1s1kqkyo1_500.pngJohn Mayer. It's always the John Mayer that's the deal breaker. [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

tumblr_ml03ljHfF41r0wqrdo1_500.jpgGender non-conforming Justin Bieber. [via Humor Train]

tumblr_mkrkp9rjii1rmoryfo1_500.jpg2 Buck Chuck -- collect 'em all. [via 100 Years of Lolitude]

tumblr_ml1uyvPIOI1ruw1vso1_1280.jpgGame of Thrones cast clowning IRL. [via Laughter Key]

tumblr_ml2342R1FJ1r0wqrdo1_500.jpgWell, that's morbid. [via Humor Train]

Here's a woodchuck eating an ice cream cone on its birthday. Happy birthday, Woodchuck! [via Buzzfeed]

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