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India Hicks on Her HSN Line and Her Many Pets

india 2.jpgIt would be pretty tough to out-do India Hicks pedigree when it comes to old-school glamor. The home décor mogul-model-tv-personality is the granddaughter of Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the daughter of interior design legend David Hicks and the second cousin of the Prince of Wales. She was a bridesmaid of the Prince's wedding to Lady Diana Spencer and she's been a TV commentator on various royal shindigs since. In fact, she's 678th in line to the British throne.

Hicks has spent years living in the Bahamas at her home Hibiscus Hill with her baby daddy David Flint Wood and their 5 children. Her website, IndiaHicks.com, sells Hicks' collection of home décor goodies, accessories, clothing and beauty products. Now she's launching India Hicks Island Living, her line of bedding and décor, on HSN.com. We chatted with the glamorous Miss Hicks to see what's new in island world.

How did you end up in the Bahamas?
My father bought a very remarkable house, very close to where I am now so we all had to come to Harbor Island. It was very boring -- there was a little ice cream store and that's it. It's remarkable that I'm living here now and my daughter is experiencing the same type of things that I did. I had gotten kind of tired as a model so I decided that I wanted to settle. I came down here and I tracked David down and we had a brief fling. He had been in the Bahamas for about 12 years. We might not be married but we might as well be. We have five children and we have three dogs, two cats, a parrot...

I read your mother's book, Daughter of Empire, and it was genius. (India's mother, Lady Pamela Hicks, wrote the memoir about growing up in England and India.) Because your name is India, do you spend a lot of time there? Do you feel connected to it?
I find it very interesting there, spiritually. I am very close to mother. We get on very well indeed. I begged her to go back but she wouldn't. I traveled there with my aunt and my cousin and we stayed in youth hostels for six or seven nights. There was no running water; I had to use a bucket of cold water. And then we stayed in the incredibly grand palaces, so I really got a sense of both sides of India. I have a very good strong connection and I love it there.

Perhaps you will do a style collection inspired by India?
Yes, I would love to do a collection; it would be very chic I think.

Do you shop at all on HSN?
I have been tempted to, living on an island in the middle of nowhere. Though it can be very deceptive, you might order something and then it will come and be the completely the wrong size, just not what you expected it to be at all.

India Hicks Island Living is now avilabale on Home Shopping Network and HSN.com.

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