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Mr. Mickey Talks Serious Men's Eyewear With Deja Vu Refinery's Jason Pollak

I first came across Jason Pollak the founder of Deja Vu Refinery, a custom eyewear company, where I meet most of the interesting people I come across these days: Twitter. He acts like quite the smart ass as @dejavurefinery, but makes such gorgeous eyewear that I decided to get to know him a little better via email. Below are the results.

Why the name Deja Vu Refinery?
"Deja Vu" means that you've seen it before. A "refinery" is a place that refines things. So the name was perfect for a vintage reproduction atelier.

You live in Asheville --  does it complicate things not being in a fashion capital?
Yes it's really a hardship. The stress of being the only cool person in an entire city really takes its toll on a man. The crosses I bear in the name of low-overhead -- people just don't know.

How did you get into the eyewear business?
I was tired of being forced to buy ugly glasses. I waited -- for a long, long, long time --  but nobody was doing anything properly. It was all cheap and unflattering. Eyewear right now, and for the last bunch of years, is very unsightly indeed. Comical really, but in a surreal and not-funny way. But still a little funny. Like white plastic frames for example: WTF? Funny, but still not-funny. Have you seen Justin Bieber wear that Bar Mitzvah Clown Matte Black frame that is bigger than his head....with this pouty-tough gaze/glaze in his eyes? Funny, yet ... not. Eyewear sellers and buyers are more lost than they have ever been. We're taking it back to sophistication, luxury and manliness. Join us, it gets you laid a lot easier my way.

What is your most popular style?
DEBONAIR is offered in 31 choices of custom colored frames and lenses, or offered prescription lens-ready too; all designed exclusively for and by us. I would say the most popular colors right now are a tie between the two on the punky end of our "Preppy to Punky" color spectrum of looks. Those two are "Tosh" and "River," which are an antifreeze-green frame and cobalt-blue frame respectively. 
Where can people buy your glasses?
The finest mens shops around the globe or online at DEJAVUREFINERY.COM

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