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Seven Random Hunks You Should Follow On Vine

Our resident admirer of fratty straight boys has made a list of seven beefcakes you should follow on Vine. It's only creepy if you want it to be!

@Nick Mastodon

Minnesotan Nick Mastodon has mastered the art of dubbing a pop song over a completely unrelated Disney meme -- he's also mastered the art of sexy facial scruff and Buddy Holly glasses. In response to many, many questions from commenters, he is sadly not single (but we will still be watching).

@Rudy Mancuso

Rudy Mancuso often features his adorable mom in his Vines and hilarity ensues. A highlight: when he asked her to read a statement announcing his 4,000 Vine follower and then promptly set it on fire.

@Greg Cleveland

Oh, Greg Cleveland, what you do to us, you'll never know. The fact that he's a hunky construction worker who is usually shirtless in his videos and is an absolute stud, assures him a place on this list.

@Nick Confalone

Hot dad Nick Confalone uses his adorable baby boy as his Vine partner (with some incredibly cute voiceover work) to create some funny six-second skits worth cooing over. Nick seems to be taking his stay-at-home dad duties very seriously... or is it not seriously? We don't know, but we love it.

@Josh Clark

Josh Clark happens to be Greg Cleveland's partner in his construction work, but they also collaborate on their Vines. Though he has less tattoos, and is not shirtless nearly as often as Greg, his Vines are just as good.

@Taylor Burkhalter

University of Arkansas student Taylor Burkhalter has dreamy blue eyes and some funny vines. Our particular favorites are his #Casual (I'm currently working on a 30,000 piece puzzle) and #Awkward (steam squats, donkey clam) series.

@Colin Young

Hunky singer Colin Young uses most of his Vines to capture the relentless pranking of cute girlfriend Carrlyn. We love the shenanigans but mostly love the rare times we get a glimpse of the rocker.

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