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How Khaleesi Got Her Dragons Back


Game of Thrones + How Stella Got Her Groove Back = How Khaleesi Got Her Dragons Back. Whoopi Goldberg cameo on GOT, anyone, anyone?!. [via Hyper Vocal]

And, speaking of Game of Thrones, holy shit Peter Dinklage was "Wake Up Guy" on Seinfeld! [via Uproxx]

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 6.34.07 PM.pngMad Men's Lost Season: The Castro Years. [As seen at the Lorimer subway stop]

anigif_enhanced-buzz-23022-1364408128-3.gifanigif_enhanced-buzz-9673-1364410978-2.gifMr. T was in Chicago the other night and made this hockey goal from center ice at the Blackhawks game. [via Buzzfeed]

tumblr_mk96hmrcTO1rjcfxro1_400.gifLove this turtle getting his back scratched with a toothbrush. [via Coin Farts]

Hot Steven Colbert. Never forget. [via 100 Years of Lolitude]

enhanced-buzz-31431-1364410305-2.jpgPresented without comment, Actresses Without Teeth Tumblr. [via Buzzfeed]

tumblr_lfylvvD1pA1qfayz4o1_500.pngThis looks fun. [via F Yeah Dementia]

tumblr_mkbt9gXDjD1qz8vumo1_500.jpgThe Walken Dead by Hanksy. [via Pop Culture Brain]

It's almost Easter, y'all! [via The Clearly Dope]

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