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Johnny Rotten Reviewed the Katy Perry Documentary


1.  Johnny Rotten reviewed Katy Perry's documentary Part of Me for FUSE. We were sort of expecting him to be harsher but it's still damn funny and oddly heartwarming. [via Dangerous Minds]

GUCCI-name.JPG2.  Gucci Mane was so high that when he filmed his big sex scene in Spring Breakers, he fell asleep. Harmony Korine described it thusly: "So we're shooting the sequence, and as he is getting fucked, I start to hear snores. He had literally passed out! And she was riding his dick the whole time. I'd never in my life filmed a sex scene where the dude was sleeping ... and she was on top of him for a good 45 minutes." In fairness, the scene was shot at 4am and Gucci had been smoking the whole night. [via Vulture]

parachute-iphone.jpg3.   Apple took out a patent on several concepts for devices which protect your iPhone from being damaged when it hits the ground, including one that uses "air foils" to slow the fall and another that uses a "gas canister" to counter the downward acceleration of a fall. In other words: an iParachute or an iJetPack. [via Daily Intel]

4.  Cracked made a video imagining what a lot of major websites and apps would be like if they were people. Oh, the internet.

the-metropolitan-museum-of-art.jpg5.  The Met and the Cloisters will be open seven days a week starting July 1st! Now the only days they will be closed are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years day. [via GalleristNY]

6.  There's not one thing we don't love about Tina Fey reviving her Sarah Palin impression to talk about gay marriage and style. [via Towleroad]

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 3.58.29 PM.png7.  Well, there's the not-at-all novel plot of Bret Easton Ellis' upcoming novel. [via NPR]

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