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A Guide to the ATL Twins

atltwins1.jpgPhoto by D David Crotty/PatrickMcMullan.com

Though Harmony Korine's cooked up some pretty twisted characters in his new movie Spring Breakers -- from gun-toting, bank-robbing college girls to a cornrowed drug dealer named Alien that talks like the rapper RiFF RaFF -- the most insane characters of them all are not from Korine's off-beat fantasies. They're people he stumbled upon in real life -- the ATL Twins. The twosome, who play drug dealing sidekicks to James Franco's Alien in the movie, are definitely two of the weirdest dudes we've come across in a while. Like biological versions of Andrew Andrew or Gilbert & George, the brothers wear the same clothes, do the same shit and claim to even sleep with the same girls (more on that later). Oh, and did we mention that they're paralegals by day? Whether you want to believe their story or not, it's hard to argue with the fact that these guys obviously have a clear idea of what they want -- money, fame, girls -- and how to use their personas to get those things. And, at the risk of becoming the latest media outlet seduced by their shenanigans, we've gathered all the information you need to know about this strange duo from their various interviews over the last year or so for your educational betterment below.   

Their real names are Sidney and Thurman Sewell. We have no clue how old they are.

They grew up in Chattanooga, TN.

They are never, ever apart. "The longest we've EVER been apart was for two hours when he broke his arm, and once for six hours when I went to jail for a DUI."

They lost their virginities to the same 21-year-old girl when they were both 13.

One of their sisters went to Harvard -- but they left school midway through the eighth grade.

They first got on Harmony Korine's radar after an interview they did with VICE went viral. 

atltwins_paralegals.pngThey spent their teen years skateboarding and partying -- and still do that -- but, in addition to appearing in Harmony Korine movies and trying to sleep with chicks, they work as paralegals in Atlanta, live in a high-rise penthouse and drive a white Range Rover.

They'd love to "marry and have kids with" Selena Gomez.

They're, uh, well endowed. "We're both blessed with 9-inch cocks."

They only date and sleep with the same women -- often at the same time -- and were once engaged to a Penthouse playmate.

terry-richardson-shoots-the-atl-twins-for-vice-magazine-08.jpgThey sleep in the same bed every night.

One of their recent sexual conquests was the daughter of "Hollywood Royalty" whom they picked up at a downtown NYC club.

They're working with Harmony Korine on a show for HBO that's "kind of documentary-style about our life. Half reality, half scripted." And it'll be pornographic. "You know how reality shows just won't show people fucking? Well we're going to show that. We're going to show us fucking bitches."

They think James Franco is "a fucking G" even though he declined their offer of a blunt (he told them he's sober).

Contrary to their interview transcripts and to all reasonable assumptions, they do not sound like James Franco's Spring Breakers character -- or RiFF RaFF -- IRL. In fact, they have very little accent at all and one online commenter observed, "These guys seem tight as shit, but I wasn't expecting them to sound like Will Arnett." You can watch them on VICE above.

They're "mirror twins." As they explain, "he's right handed and I'm left handed. We got the same tats on opposite arms. Mirror twins are the ultimate twins. Fuck all you other twins."

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