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Meet the New Crop of Hipster Pornstars

James Deen has been getting a lot of press for being a pornstar who's a little indie, aware of the Internets and equally aware of himself. In fact, some outlets outright call him a "hipster pornstar." While we have the utmost respect for Deen -- seriously,  he writes pretty well and seems like a lot of fun -- we've gotta interject on the behalf of the pornstars out there who look less out of place in Williamsburg than we do. Though we'd rank Jenna Jameson and Traci Lords -- both former PAPER cover stars -- as the OG hipster porn stars (despite Jameson now being a staunch Romney supporter) -- here's the newer pack of cool adult stars we'd classify as hipsters, plain and simple.

P.S. We were disappointed to not find any hipster porn stars of color when compiling this story. Who are we missing? Are there more Brooklyn-bound blogger-artist-adult stars we failed to mention? Tell us in the comments!

Dale-Cooper-on-Sozos-Blog.com-72345687.jpgDale Cooper
Hispter Rating: 9.5/10
Qualifications: First of all, the name: Dale Cooper lifted his porn star moniker from Twin Peaks, the David Lynch show all of your indie friends have all watched multiple times and will tell you is the best. Dale also writes for the Huffington Post about issues of sexuality, got the inspiration for his tattoos from an obscure video game, and really does look like a buffer, preternaturally handsome version of the mustachioed guys you see walking around the East Village. Yup, he's a hipster. Also: swoon.

tumblr_mijhc9Ige71qj8bffo1_500.jpgApril O'Neil
Hispter Rating: 8/10
Qualifications: When you look at April's filmography, you can tell that girl loves an XXX remake of nerdy hispter-approved TV. She's done Saved by the Bell, The X-Files, Star Trek, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She's also everywhere on the music festival circuit -- she goes to Coachella, Electric Daisy, HARDFEST, you name it. Her Tumblr (called "hey, it's april.") is basically an Instagram homage to her signature black glasses and what she's wearing at concerts. That is to say: she's probably our dream candidate to be featured the 2013 Coachella Cuties gallery.

tumblr_lzz2f9siIc1qa42jro1_1280.jpgSasha Grey
Hispter Rating: 10/10
Qualifications: The original hip, crossover (now ex-) porn star. She's modeled for American Apparel and been photographed by Terry Richardson, which is everything an aspiring downtown model can dream of. She's ironic enough to play a semi-fictionalized version of herself in Entourage, has been featured in the artwork for a Smashing Pumpkins album, wrote a travel diary for PAPER, and -- this is the real coup -- started an industrial music project called aTellecine. In sum: she wins.

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 11.09.25 AM.pngKennedy Carter
Hipster Rating: 6/10
Qualifications: Kennedy Carter is a mainstay at most of the obscure (or not-so-obscure) gay parties in NYC -- peruse his blog and you'll see a roster of nightlife events that's creepily similar to our Nightlife Awards nominees. He's been a key actor in the alt-drag Room Service Sex Tape series, is a friend of Frankie Sharpe's, and his Tubmlr even has tiles like our site! Yup, he's a hipster. 

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 12.44.51 AM.pngAndy San Dimas
Hispter Rating: 8/10
Qualifications: Andy San Dimas definitely has the grungy, Mission District hipster vibe down. She's regularly on Vice and seems like a cool chick you could hang out with. On her Twitter, she brags: "I AM THE JOAQUIN PHOENIX OF PORN" and Tweets about how '90s Nickelodeon kid's shows informed her style. And, of course, she's a Bill and Ted's fan.

tumblr_mcf39xY0yM1ql34cpo1_1280.jpgKimberly Kane
Hispter Rating: 7/10
Qualifications: Kimberly Kane is a pornstar-turned-director with feminist leanings. Her Tumblr also catalogs her various accomplishments, which include Vice spreads and videos and major shoots in multiple Taschen books of erotic photography (one of which is pictured above).

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 11.36.09 AM.pngMax Ryder
Hipster Rating: 8/10
Qualifications: An addition to his career as a gay pornstar, Max Ryder has become somewhat of a model and a fixture at parties around New York. He's a model for Deryck Todd, the haberdasher inspired by the downtown fashion and party scene. He's also on the odd streetstyle blog and likes to wax poetic about the nightlife scenes. Hm, he sounds like he should consult for PAPER.

12_schnibbe_jpg.jpgVena Virago
Hispter Rating:
Qualifications: The director of indie skin flicks like Nietzsche Bangers, Virago has built a successful career out of her art installations and exhibits which explore pornography's affects on the psyche. She's that older, wiser adult hipster who was a staple in the neighborhood before you even thought of moving there.

COLBY-16.JPGColby Keller
Hispter Rating: 6.5/10
Qualifications: Colby Keller has it all: the hipster glasses, the beard, and a blog which shows off his liking for GIFs, art and silly things. He also has a podcast and was once featured on Piefolk, an indie gay blog by comedy writer Michael Martin. We'd definitely invite him to grab some beers with Andy San Dimas and shoot the shit.

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