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10 Etsy Finds: Terrariums + Absinthe Lip Balm


For the tattoo scaredy-cats who still want a little bit of pretty temporary "ink."

Absinthe lip balm? Of course Etsy would have this. This all-natural lip balm is described as being "rather addictive."

Get this gorgeous wrapping paper to decorate an extra special gift or go ahead and frame it as a print. We have to be honest and say we're kind of cringing at the thought of this being ripped apart!

This dainty, ring duo attached by a single chain across the knuckle is really cool. 

Available in all-white or colored paper, these awesome graphic notebooks are a great alternative to those boring Moleskines. (Sorry, we just had to say it -- they're boring!)


100% vegan and no doubt 100% delicious smelling, this body scrub is for those with sensitive skin and who want to smell like a piña colada all day long.

One among many interesting hair accessories featured in The Ancient Muse shop, this insane, hand-carved wooden hair fork in the shape of a phoenix will bring out your inner Isabella Blow. 

We're pretty sick and tired of all the jokey Black Flag t-shirts, but this one might be a major game-changer...

Get in on the transparent accessories AND satchel purse trends with this handmade-to-order, high quality plastic bag. Just be careful to leave your more embarrassing purse contents at home!


We can't all be gardeners (we do, after all, live in New York City) but terrariums let us have a tiny bit of capsulated garden life indoors. This pretty moss terrarium is low maintenance and comes with everything you need.

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