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Everybody cool
Will be making a haiku
Now that this happened.

2.   Here's Kate Moss reading 50 Shades of Grey for charity. [via The Cut]

3.  Hyejin June Hong made this amazing animated short taking us through the films of Stanley Kubrick in an oh-so-cool way. Now we want a DVD set. [via Death and Taxes]

newpope.gif4.  The new Pope ain't that cool with art. In 2004, Jorge Bergoglio (now Pope Francis I) called a show by artist León Ferrari "blasphemous." Admittedly the show depicted Jesus and Mary in frying pans and blenders, but still good to know. [via Gallerist NY]

scott-sassa.png5.  Scott Sassa, the president of the entertainment and syndication division of Hearst, was allegedly asked to resign after it was discovered that he was sexting with a stripper. We're not sure what about that has anything to with his job performance. [via Gawker]

90fa25fe.jpg6.  The deluxe version of Pheonix's new album will feature an hour of extras including  71 "demos and sketches." That's a lot of demos and sketches! [via Pitchfork]

Ang-Lee-4079-2.jpg7.  Ang Lee is set to direct a drama pilot for an FX series written by Lost writer Craig Wright. We'd watch that. [via hitfix]

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