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Brad Pitt Vs. George Clooney: May the Best Man Win an Inevitable Oscars Prank War

brad_pitt_george_clooney_2011_a_l.jpgAfter George Clooney recently went onstage at the Golden Globes carrying a cane -- a playful jab at his buddy, Brad Pitt, who came to the awards ceremony with the accessory after undergoing knee surgery -- Pitt appears to be plotting his revenge. The duo, well-known for their handsome-guy bromance and love of backslapping pranks, have pulled quite a few jokes that would make a frat boy blush (which also sort of makes us wonder if they're both major d-bags. Devastatingly handsome, humanitarian major d-bags, of course). Though Pitt claims he won't be making his retaliation prank to the this year's Oscars (for which both recently received nominations), you never know. Which is why amid all of the awards season mania focusing on winners, losers and best dressed-ness, we will be keeping an eye on all leads and developments surrounding The Sexiest Men Alive Oscars Prank War 2012 and updating you accordingly.

In the meantime, here's a look at some of Pitt and Clooney's best gags, both against one another and against some of their unsuspecting co-stars. Those guys!


-During the filming of Ocean's Twelve, Pitt sent a memo to the Italian crew that they should refer to Clooney as Danny, his character's name, and not "look him in the eye."  The humble actor was mortified and plotted his revenge (see below).

-Along with Matt Damon, Pitt hired a male stripper to pose as a journalist and strip down to his skivvies before professing his love for Clooney during a press conference.


-As a way to get Pitt back during the Ocean's Twelve saga, Clooney slapped a sticker on Pitt's car reading "Small Penis on Board." The unsuspecting Pitt thought people were honking and waving at him in his car just because he's, well, Brad Pitt.

-Though technically a prank against the paparazzi, we're including this anecdote because it involves Pitt and Angelina Jolie's supposed wedding: after rumors flew that Clooney was hosting their nuptials at his Lake Como villa, he one-upped the paps by setting up tables on his lawn, tricking hundreds of photographers (some in helicopters!) to congregate outside his home for two weeks for no reason.


-While Matt Damon was preparing for a movie role at Clooney's villa and trying to lose weight, the prankster secretly had a tailor take in Damon's pants little by little, a classic example of the patient "slow moving prank."  Before long, Damon became frustrated at his apparent weight gain to Clooney's amusement.

-Amid Y2K mania (remember that?) Pitt and friends flew down to Mexico to celebrate New Year's but unbeknownst to them, the actor had bribed government officials to shut down the power and phone lines before arresting one of the cohort on drug charges. Sheesh.

-Clooney used to steal friends' cameras and snap peen shots (ahh the days before camera phones and Twitpics...) with eyeglasses on his nether regions.  Apparently he called this gag "Mr. Face."

-On the set of Moneyball, Pitt absconded with co-star Jonah Hill's golf cart and, at various times, flipped it over, took the wheels off, wrapped it in pink car wrap, covered it in flowers, and rigged it to play "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go."

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