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Morning Funnies: 2013 Oscars Edition

tumblr_mirazelP4v1qz581wo1_500-1.jpgJust everything last night was groan. Groan x Eyeroll to the make-it-stop degree. [TheClearlyDope]

jenniferltrip.gifJennifer Lawrence tripped on her way  to accept her Oscar ...

hughjennifer.gifHugh Jackman tried to help but was too late... [Vulture]

J-Law's post-win Oscars interview is so good. Can everyone do shots before talking to the press and have their interviews be like this from now on?

tumblr_mir9s4TF3H1qiavcao1_500.gifThe Chicago number was so weird. It made our stomachs hurt. [DailyDot]

tumblr_mir6qpjxZL1ruw1vso1_400.gifLike us, Jack Nicholson had no idea what was going on last night.
P.S. How can he see anything? His sunglasses get more and more insane every year. We're just a few years out from him wearing those giant glasses people have to wear after cataract surgery. [Digg]

The most awkward red carpet moment was when Catherine Zeta Jones wanted to do the mani cam but got denied by Ryan Seacrest. [Buzzfeed]

Scratch that, most-awkward red carpet moment goes to Jamie Foxx hitting on Kelly Rowland in front of his daughter.
tumblr_mirbfgUWlg1ruw1vso1_500.gifSandra Bullock made this face. [Digg]

Melissa McCarthy and Paul Rudd took this photo. [LaughterKey]

g1KYn23.jpgJoseph Gordon Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe took this photo. [Reddit]

tumblr_mirlkjtQ5l1qb3vn6o1_500.jpgKyle MacLachlan wins Best Photobomb of the Night. [Nerdist]

tumblr_mirefc4NNi1rr7ng6o1_500.jpgJeremy Renner checked out Chris Pine's butt on the red carpet. [thatoneraccoonfur]

Quvenzhané Wallis being the cutest. [Buzzfeed]

Also, we're obsessed Quvenzhané Wallis' puppy purse! (It's an old favorite of hers.)

tumblr_miriemfhw21qz7o9zo1_500.jpgBig, big night for long luscious locks on dudes...  [JuliaSegal]

tumblr_mirhn25wfo1qcbk34o1_500.pngMake out, make out! [MrGoLightly]

Next year, Leo, next year. [LaughterKey]

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