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9 Presidents We Wouldn't Kick Out of Bed for Getting Wig Powder on the Pillowcases

In honor of Presidents' Day, we're resurrecting one of our favorite hard-hitting Papermag.com pieces of all time, originally published in 2011...Enjoy!

Happy Presidents' Day! We hope you're enjoying your day off while we slave away at PAPER HQ, muttering and crying. Just kidding, we're not working -- we're putting our journalism degrees to great use and making top 10 lists of the hottest U.S. presidents. Check out our picks below and tell us who we left off!

2JeffersonThomas.jpgThomas Jefferson
They say the third time's a charm and our third president looks like he was all kinds of charming. (He also apparently had pretty good style.) Like us, he loved hanging out in  Williamsburg (Virginia), hated public speaking and had terrible posture. Swoon.

Andrew Jackson-600.jpg
Andrew Jackson
Handsome here is the founder of the Democratic party and was a total bad boy, fighting in 13 duels and being the first sitting president to be both attacked by a random crazy person and have an an assassination attempt carried out against him. Being president is sexy and dangerous! 

Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 12.43.33 PM.pngJames Polk
"Personally, I've always been into Polk." -- Whitney Spaner

franklinpierce.jpgFranklin Pierce
"He looks like he could be in the Arcade Fire" -- Alexis Swerdloff

Abraham Lincoln
Bearded, lanky and depressed. Yes, yes and yes. 

John F. Kennedy
YES. ALSO YES. (2013 Update: Is JFK Hamming it in those khakis?)  

Ronald Reagan
"Republicans make the best bottoms." -- Mickey Boardman 

Picture-574.pngBill Clinton
Other than the time we met Bill Clinton, shook his hand, and then, before we knew it, were trying to shove our tongues down his throat as the secret service rushed in and tackled us, we really don't get his appeal.

Barack Obama
Hugging adorable children and doing this. Come on, Barack, are you trying to make our hearts explode?

Non-presidential runner up:

Alexander Hamilton
We sort of get a Conan O'Brien vibe from Alexander Hamilton, whose not-too-shabby mug is on the $10 bill. We would totally have an XYZ affair with him and let him implement an excise tax on us any day of the week. 

Originally published on 2/21/11

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