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Morning Funnies: Djesus Uncrossed


Christoph Waltz hosted SNL this weekend, and the episode included this amazing Django Unchained spoof: Djesus Uncrossed. He is risen and He is pissed. [PopcultureBrain]

Here's a strangely captivating super-cut of goats yelling like humans. They all sound like old men! [Vulture]
The Internet's raison d'etre: A photo of Patrick Stewart asleep, holding a cat. [Reddit]

tumblr_mhigzcmVIM1r4d2x7o1_500.jpgOh to be a fly on the wall in Dolly Parton's wig room! (You'd be a dead fly on the wall, suffocated under the sticky varnish left by thousands and thousands of aerosol hairspray particles daily, but still! Fun!) [AlsoHere]

OG9Y.gifSnow Crump and the Seven Crumps. [MlkShk]

tumblr_mibmewm8Um1qkej80o1_500.pngDads are always watching. [ThisIsntHappiness]

How to write good. [FYeahDementia]

Dogs breaking up a cat fight. [MlkShk]

tumblr_mhgytxDO591qearaqo1_r1_1280.jpgHappy Presidents day! Here's a photo of Richard Nixon and Robocop hanging out together. [AwesomePeopleHangingOutTogether]

True. [ThisIsntHappiness]

If you're sad about having to work on Presidents Day (NO COMMENT), just smile at this pic all day. [MlkShk]

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