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Catching Up With Karlie Kloss and Ryan McGinley at NYFW

ryan_karlie_nyfw.jpgAfter he first directed her in a beautifully-shot clip for Mercedes-Benz CLA, artist Ryan McGinley reunited with model (and cookie/"kookie" purveyor) Karlie Kloss during fashion week where we had the chance to catch up with the twosome. Though I initially expected to talk about cars and deserts (the video was filmed in California's stunning Tejon Ranch), the conversation took an unexpected -- yet most welcome -- turn when I learned that a pre-teen McGinley had been a little punk straight out of Harmony Korine's fantasies. Read on for more about the artist's club days (and who told him where to go) and what goes through Kloss' head when she sashays down the runway.

Ryan: PAPER Magazine told me about what was happening in New York City, like all of the exciting stuff. When I was a teenager in Jersey, I would always get it on the newsstands in my town and be like, "Man, I gotta come to the city and go to The Limelight and go to The Tunnel." It's cool, man.

Were you an underage club kid? Now I'm picturing you right out of Kids, you know.

Ryan: Oh my god, I was in New York City almost every night. I used to go to N.A.S.A. We would all meet up in Washington Square Park and go there. There was also a really good party at The Limelight called Disco 2000 that we would go to --

Michael Alig's party.

Ryan: Yeah.

Karlie: So would your whole crew from Jersey come in together?

Ryan: We would all sneak out. We were like 13-14 years old. There was a phase during that time called a 'Polo raver.' We would wear head-to-toe Ralph Lauren and, like, really go out and party all night. I was a bit of a little thug.

Karlie: But a fashionable thug!

And speaking of parties, Karlie, how were the Grammys this past Sunday?

Karlie: They were awesome! It was a new experience for me.

Ryan: I feel like I went just watching it on TV.

Karlie: To be honest, it's probably a better experience from the comfort of your home, watching it on your couch. But I had a great time because I had the opportunity to interview [people] for House of Style on MTV.

What were some Grammys highlights?

Karlie: I think one cool thing that you can't understand until you're standing there is how small the tent is and the red carpet itself. Everyone is crammed into this small space. It's also a small world. Everyone knows one another. Drake is making jokes with Frank Ocean and Frank Ocean is talking to J. Lo. It's a really small world-type of industry -- same as fashion.

Did anyone talk at the after parties or during the show about Chris Brown snubbing Frank Ocean by not giving him a standing ovation like everyone else?

Karlie: [I didn't see that.] He just sat there? I was probably on a plane at the time the whole blogosphere was blowing up about that. I did not know that --

Ryan: We're big Frank Ocean fans.

Karlie: Yeah, we're big Frank Ocean fans.

And, finally, since this is fashion week, Karlie, what do you think about when you're walking down the runway?

Karlie: To be honest, I try to zone everything out and just become part of the moment -- become that character. I enjoy that. I try to ignore all the noise, ignore who's sitting front row and the stress, what I have to do later and be that character that the designer has created.

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