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Watch An Adorable Family Do the "Harlem Shake"


Stop whatever you're doing and watch this video of an adorable household having some quality family time by doing the "Harlem Shake." Shit gets real and apparently DIY "Harlem Shake" videos are the "new Gangnam Style." [via The Clearly Dope]

tumblr_mhye6trjHt1qz9bu3o1_500.jpgLove this, need this. [via Tall Whitney]

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 6.00.21 PM.pngBuzzfeed asked male models at fashion week some hard-hitting questions such as "What are you looking at while walking down the runway?" [via Buzzfeed]

tumblr_mi13i9EnUJ1rn7bzro1_1280.jpgMeet the precursor to 'Extremely Photogenic Guy': 'Extremely Photogenic 1930s Unemployed Guy.' [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 6.15.28 PM.pngFox News ran a piece on 'traditional gender roles,' and ran this accompanying image of a wedding kiss to make their point. Turns out, this is from a lesbian wedding. [via Cracked]

42795686053.jpegWell, it's getting late and I must be going. [via Coin Farts]

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 6.33.11 PM.pngLadies and gentlemen, Madonna has joined Instagram. [via Gawker]

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 6.41.49 PM.pngThere's something kind of a touching about the fact that a deceased man in Illinois left his $1 million estate to two actors he didn't know and never met: Kevin Brophy (The Young and the Restless) and Peter Brophy (Lucan). [via Uproxx]

"Between Two Ferns" is baaaaack. Watch Zach Galifianakis make a shitload of movie stars very uncomfortable in his two-part Oscars edition ft. Jessica Chastain, Sally Field, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts, Christoph Waltz, Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams and Emmanuel Lewis (who filled in for another Lewis -- Daniel Day). [via Gawker]

tumblr_mi0l5hz2UD1qa39umo1_500.jpgGolden Girls valentines. [via Bunny Food]

tumblr_mi2qso43iq1rj11mho1_500.jpgR. Kelly Valentine's Day card. [via Rap Coloring Book]

And...here's episode four of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon's Downton Sixbey. Lady Hedith gets married! [via Vulture]

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