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Model Casey Legler's Fashion Week Diary, Part I

We've been avidly following artist/model Casey Legler's career ever since we read about how she was signed by Ford to exclusively model in their men's division after her friend, PAPER contributor and photographer Cass Bird, asked her to model menswear for a shoot and later showed the modeling agency her photos. Legler recently booked a campaign for AllSaints and, full steam ahead, is embarking on her first fashion week. She'll be sharing her experiences with PAPER over the coming days and, as you'll soon notice, modeling is only one of her many interests. Equally influenced by art, music and her creative friends, Legler tells us that her experiences as a model cannot be separated from her experiences in those other creative fields. Take a look at her week of fittings and shows and find out how she unwinds after it's all over.

7 a.m.: Coffee and toast. If I still smoked, I'd have a cigarette. Good morning. Casey here. Going to walk you through my day. Hi. Video still.

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 4.37.48 PM.png10:45 a.m.: Fitting with Michael Bastian. Embodiment of classiness, elegance and kindness.  Walking for him is an absolute privilege. His studio door and this season's mood board and textiles.
Image-6casey.jpgMichael and the boys. Miles (right) just being his regular ol' angel self.  Fucking cutie-pie that one.

Left: Me and michael. Yes. Right: Nick getting fitted. Very serious guy, that one -- also an excellent musician (this is actually true).

2 p.m.: Just had coffee with the one and only Viva Ruiz of The Crystal Ark. Um. Just give this song a listen.  And can you also just watch the video, too, please?  Because at about 2:46 minutes it gets fucking crazy and really, really weird. [It was] directed by Viva by the way. 

4 p.m.: Excerpt from an interview I did after coffee with Viva:

Interviewer: 'So you talk a lot about the community you come from and the history and context of that community informing a lot of what you do.  What community is that exactly?

Me: I'm as queer as the day is long.

Interviewer: So is that lesbian, or gay, or straight or everything or...?

Me: It's queer.


casey7new3.jpg7:30 p.m.: And then this happened...The real shit that moves me -- my pals doing what they do best. "No big deal, we just fierce." Bradley Teal Ellis and Neal Beasley at DNA [Dance New Amsterdam].

casey-8.jpg9 p.m.: Neal Beasley (left) and Miguel Gutierrez (right).

Look, I don't know how to say this.  Let me do it using my big girl words: your life will be so much fuller if you go see their work. Neal is at DNA for the rest of the week, and Miguel, -- fuck Miguel, my genius friend (dude, he's a Guggenheim fellow)! -- is touring his extraordinary piece "And lose the name of action."  It will blow your brain open and make it a better place.


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