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Chrissie Miller and Lindsey Thornburg Host Shindig at Their New 143 Boutique

264711.jpgLast week, designer Chrissie Miller (of the super-cool line Sophomore) and Lindsey Thornburg (known for her incredible Pendleton-printed cloaks) threw an intimate affair to celebrate their new joint boutique on Ludlow Street, 143. Having recently hosted her own pop-up shop in L.A., Miller told us that although she and Thornburg weren't looking for a store space, it seemed to be looking for them.

"We were both very hopeful--we Secret-ed it," Miller said, making a reference to the popular self-help book, as she welcomed guests like Jessica Stam, Jen Brill and Drea De Matteo.  "I didn't think I'd like it, but a week after I got back from L.A., the opportunity came up."

"Our friend from Some Odd Rubies two doors down told us she had a storefront that she didn't need and asked if we were interested," added Thornbug , who serendipitously lives on the same block as the space. "It all happened really organically."

The two called on Miller's boyfriend, Leo Fitzpatrick to curate the store's art, which includes pieces by Dan Colen and Richard Kern. "We all spent our childhood at [the bar] Max Fish," Thornburg says of Chrissie, herself and their collaborators. "So to see our ideas manifesting as adults is amazing."

One person who probably isn't surprised to see the ladies' dreams come to fruition is Astrology goddess (and mother to Chrissie) Susan Miller, who was there celebrating her daughter's newest accomplishment. We found this a sound opportunity to finally ask the question that had been tearing us apart ever since we started following her on Twitter: What was her sign?

"I don't tell, because then people will say 'Oh, I knew it--You just like that sign the best!' That's not true, because I love all the signs," Miller told us with a smile.

So does that mean that her adoring fans don't even know her birthday?

"They keep guessing!"

Soon enough, the store's lights began to flicker, and everyone was ushered outside and into the private dinner at Chinatown's Pulqueria. Before we moved on to the night's next stage, we ran into Charlotte Ronson, who was also checking out the new spot in support of Chrissie and co. "I think it's great--she did such an amazing job so quickly," Ronson said of 143. "It really has Chrissie's style and vibe to it."

And should we be expecting to see the store improved with some Charlotte Ronson pieces anytime soon? "I think that's a Chrissie question!"

We then ran into California transplant Cory Kennedy. If she had a store, what key tchotchkes would she sell?

"I collect a lot of zines from fairs and stuff, so I think those would be good," Kennedy said. Anything from 143 she would steal for her own imaginary inventory?

"I love the flannels," she said. "It's hard to find a good, special, flannel these days."  Amen to that, sister! 

Above (L-R): Lindsey Thorburn and Chrssie Miller. Photo by Matteo Prandoni/BFAnyc.com

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