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It's a Honey Badger News Roundup, Stupid!


There's a lot of stuff going on this week with the Honey Badger, including a book coming out just days from now, new iPhone apps, and a TV show in the works. Ewwww! We hope we don't all get really sick of 2011's viral video sensation! Here's a breakdown:

First Honey Badger video narrator "Randall," whose identity is unknown, but who Forbes surmises is most likely actor/comedian Christopher Gordon, has a new book out on the 24th. After perusing through a few preview pages of Randall's Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals on Amazon, we think it's pretty safe to say that you should be giving it to everyone you know as a birthday gift this year. They're welcome, stupid!  

Next, there's a Honey Badger iPhone/android game out now in censored and uncensored versions. We don't like how Sega-character-from-1998 they made HB look, but, obviously, he don't care.

Also, there are now Honey Badger ringtones and soundboards for your iPhone. If
''Whoa, watch out,' says that bird, 'your phone is ringing!'" isn't an offered ringtone, then we don't know what!

Screen shot 2012-01-20 at 5.00.15 PM.pngFinally, the Honey Badger is probably coming to television. The Hollywood Reporter says that Honey Badger U will be an "animation/live action comedy hybrid" and follow an animated "professor Randall," who works at a wacky university. It's being pitched to networks this month.


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