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This Fake "Birth Control on the Bottom" Yogurt Ad Is Perfect

This fake commercial for "Birth Control on the Bottom" yogurt, starring Megan Amram, Retta, Rosa Salazar, Diane Mizota, Sonibert Rodriguez, Weird Al, and Laura Dziamba, is brilliant. [TheCut]

tumblr_mgxb92IYzx1s39orgo1_1280.jpgFrom Embroidery Poems' "Twitter Poems" contest. More details here. [TheRumpus]

tumblr_mh08is3nch1qgub9do1_500.jpgThat thing where you're 30 and daydream about being friends with the Obama girls. [TallWhitney]

tumblr_m1wmxm6Yuc1qf1yxjo1_500.jpgTo go with your Jackie Jormp-Jomp poster. [Flavorpill]

wouldhititbenedictcumbersnatches.jpgHere's Benedict Cumberbatch, aka Banjobox Tootlesnorts, as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in the upcoming film The Fifth Estate. [Dlisted]   
btd.png!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [THR]

breadties-thumb.pngMeh bread ties. [ThisIsntHappiness]

tumblr_mgyp4yyT1D1rjcfxro1_500.gifHey Sassyland! [TheClearlyDope]

Real talk. It's so cold in New York right now that people are putting rats in their pockets and using them as hand warmers. [LaughterKey]

tumblr_mh1cqwUvoh1qzfebyo1_400.gifSee you later. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

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