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Watch James Franco Read His Obama Inauguration Poem In Bed


Yahoo commissioned a bunch of poets and James Franco to write poems for Inauguration Day. Franco's poem is about not knowing what to write about Barack Obama and is, therefore, mostly just a poem about James Franco. Watch him read "Obama in Asheville" in the video above. (Who knew he was a Sprite guy??)

Below, a sample from his piece :

If I were to act in the film about Obama,
All I would need to get down, aside from the outer stuff--
And I know that's important--is his essential kindness,
I'd let the writer put in all the political crap,

And the specific things that he was up against,
All that stuff on CNN and the Huffington Post,
And I'd say the lines that were written, just like Obama
Reads his lines, but what would really put the role over

Would be the goodness at its core.
That's what will be remembered.
Yes, his race, no one will forget. But the soul too.
I'd win the Academy Award if I just captured that.

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