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Triskaidekaphobia at Parade Ground

"Triskaidekaphobia" means fear of the number 13, which might explain why this performance art event at Parade Ground (the new gallery across from Seward Park) was split between Saturday the 12th and Monday the 14th. PAPER popped in to the second installment last night -- the event was supposed to start at seven but, arriving at that time, we found the door locked. When the gallery's lighting was cut and a strobe started flashing, we were finally admitted.

Co-curator Bradford Kessler, skin painted yellow, stood behind this flag the whole time we were there. The other organizer, General Idea's AA Bronson, sat shirtless and bearded in a corner, wrapped in a sheet.

Genevieve Belleveau performed rune readings.

The androgynous Boy Child stood in a corner as house music played.

In the next room, musicians coaxed drones from theremin and synth. Guests were offered "essence of the location" -- water infused with plants picked from the area. It tasted like water.

We left before a promised live action painting involving this pair of pants, but plan to return to the space in April (if not sooner) for their "GIF Festival."

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