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He Said, She Said: Rating the Fashion at the People's Choice Awards

Rating the red carpet with Mr. Mickey and that One Girl Who Works on the Website

Last night, stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, Taylor Swift, Robert Downey Jr., and more turned up to the awards season pre-game otherwise known as the People's Choice Awards. Find out below whom we thought looked particularly "mature and elegant" and who looked like they came straight from the "Ice Capades."
peopleschoice_jenniferlawrence.jpgJennifer Lawrence

"The People's Choice Awards is a bit freaky in that it's semi-formal so the looks kind of run the gamut. I personally think Jennifer looked gorgeous and was so elegant that she seemed out of place in that crowd! Meanwhile I've never met a sequin I didn't like!"- Mickey

"While I love sequins, too, I disagree about her look and wasn't crazy about the dress. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence's strategy was to follow that theater superstition that says if the dress rehearsal goes poorly, you're guaranteed to have a smashing opening night: perhaps the dress she borrowed from Alexis' Carrington's Dynasty-era closet is just a signal that she's going to knock it out of the park at this Sunday's Golden Globes. Who knows." -- Abby

peopleschoice_chloemoretz.jpgChloë Grace Moretz

"She looks cute and very age appropriate and I love the color. The only downside is that her ensemble makes me envious because I could never wear that in New York right now with our 40-degree weather." -- Abby

"She's adorable. Personally I never like a black shoe with a colored ensemble but that's just a weird hang-up of mine. I wish the photos were shot from a higher angle because coming in from below is NOT a flattering look for the girls." - Mickey

peopleschoice_leamichele.jpgLea Michele

"Though it's undeniably flattering on Lea, this dress feels like something one of Hugh Hefner's 'Girls Next Door' might have worn (especially Bridget)." -- Abby

"Bless you Lea for wearing color-coordinated shoes with the dress! She looks good but I must confess that the tattoo on the foot is causing me a bit of dismay." - Mickey

peopleschoice_rumerwillis.jpgRumer Willis

"I've always been really resistant to Rumer Willis for some reason but this might be the best she's ever looked." -- Abby

"Rumer looks good. I like that she's slightly overdressed."- Mickey

peopleschoicejoeylawrence.jpgJoey Lawrence

"He looks like a Chelsea Boy...in a bad way. I hope it's for a role but I'm 93% sure that that's not the case. Lay off the man-scaping, Joey!" -- Abby

"I've spent my entire life wanting to have sex with Joey Lawrence. Until now." - Mickey

peopleschoicekaleycuoco1.jpgKaley Cuoco

"Kaley looks like her driver accidentally dropped her off at the People's Choice Awards when he meant to take her to the Country Music Awards. She looks pretty but the frothiness would look better on a cappuccino." -- Abby

This look is inoffensive. My favorite part is the peekaboo of dark toe-nail polish. It's very The Craft. -- Mickey

peopleschoice_heidiklum.jpgHeidi Klum

"I really dislike this dress. It feels like Heidi has snakes slithering around her torso and the placement of her cut-outs don't work for me." -- Abby

This woman is the female German Dorian Gray. The older she gets, the hotter she looks. - Mickey

peopleschoice_chriscolfer.jpgChris Colfer

"He looks cute. Nothing earth-shattering going on with the outift but he looks relaxed and confident, which, at these things, is often more important than the lewk." -- Abby

"I agree. I think Chris looks great and just right for the show. Not too fancy, not too casual." - Mickey

peopleschoice_emmawatson.jpgEmma Watson

"She's one brave woman wearing an outfit with all of those cut-outs near her décolletage. I'm really not crazy about her hair but I like that she went with a bold choice for her dress." -- Abby

"I disagree -- I generally adore Emma Watson and think she looks cute but this look isn't my favorite." -Mickey

peopleschoice_juliannehough.jpgJulianne Hough

"I'm still not sure who this woman is but I think she looks cute and fun here although there is a LOT going on with this dress." - Mickey

"I like the first half of the dress but with the pouf-y skirt and all of those ombré sparkles, the whole effect reminds me of the Ice Capades." -- Abby

peopleschoice_maewhitman.jpgMae Whitman

"On the one hand, I'm not crazy about the hanging pieces but on the other, I realize that without them, the dress would seem a little basic. Mae definitely stands out in this crowd in a good way -- she looks like the coolest girl at the Peoples Choice party and probably is." -- Abby

"This dress is a bit sophisticated for the occasion but I love how she looks. Also love nude shoes and her kinda casual hair and makeup with the more complicated dress." -Mickey

peopleschoice_robertdowneyjr.jpgRobert Downey Jr.

"A lot of people would say that wearing sneakers -- no matter how tricked out they are -- with a suit is a douche-y look but I'm not like a lot of people and actually give RDJ a thumbs up. Even down to his tinted glasses that match his pocket square. So sue me." -- Abby

"Who EVER would have thought that Robert Downey, Jr. would end up a sort of chic elder- statesman-of-Hollywood-type. Good for him." -- Mickey

peopleschoice_sandrabullock.jpgSandra Bullock

"Wut.is.going.on.here? Her makeup looks fantastic and I actually like that her lips match her shoes but that's where my praise ends. Her outfit looks like she paired a formal top with a pin-striped pencil skirt left over from a business suit." -- Abby

"This is a bit cuckoo bananas. Like a high-class call girl-turned-housewife hodge podge. Nobody's got time for that." --Mickey

peopleschoice_parishilton.jpgParis Hilton

"Ugh, why is she still around? I love Mary Katrantzou who designed the dress but with the garish spray tan and suede platform pumps -- which, by the way, I'm sick of those clunky toe platforms -- makes the ensemble look straight out of Forever 21 than from the runway." -- Abby

"Very cute dress but seeing Paris Hilton anywhere just makes me sad. I don't know why."  --Mickey

peopleschoice_oliviamunn.jpgOlivia Munn

"There are a million reasons why I shouldn't like this Victorian era-meets-Ann Taylor Loft dress (or skirt-blouse) combo but for some reason I do. Is that weird?" -- Abby

"I agree, I think she looks great. This look is very fashion and it would have looked bad on a lot of girls but I'm loving how it looks." -- Mickey

peopleschoice_mattbomer.jpgMatt Bomer

"He's so cute. I'm digging the more casual checked shirt paired with the navy blazer, too." -- Abby

"I hate when he wears clothes. It's kind of sick how handsome he is." -- Mickey

peopleschoice_naomiwatts.jpgNaomi Watts

"In theory this dress could be elegant but in practice it's not. The gold sequin top seems ill-fitting and I think the necklace (or is it part of the halter?) just gets lost in all that sparkle. Her skin looks radiant but I'm not feeling the hair at all. She should've kept it simple and pulled back and clean so the focus could be on the dress and on her exposed back (which unfortunately you can't see in this photo)." -- Abby

"Naomi is gorgeous and talented and you know I love a sparkle top but this look completely escapes me!" -- Mickey

Taylor Swift

"Given that she just broke up with an 18-year-old, maybe T. Swift has finally realized she should try to nab an older guy (or at least a guy her age) because with the look she's rocking, the singer appears more more mature and graceful than ever." -- Abby

"Say what you will about Taylor, she looks like a fucking movie star." -- Mickey

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