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From Annie Hathaway to Joe Gordon-Levitt: Celebrity Nicknames That Will Help You Sound Like an Insider

You know how everyone who went to Vassar is all, "one time, when Annie Hathaway and I were studying for our intro to lit theory final..." and you have to control yourself from punching them in the face? With that in mind we decided to ask our friends in high places to help us compile an insider's guide to celebrity nicknames, so you too can be "that guy" at a cocktail party (or Sundance premiere after-party?) going on about "how cute Katie Heigl looked in the trailer for One for the Money."  You're welcome.

anne-hathaway-2011-hair-styles-8.jpgAnne Hathaway = Annie Hathaway

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 3.21.46 PM.png
Kirsten Dunst = Kiki Dunst

Robert-De-Niro_5.jpgRobert De Niro = Bobby De Niro

Katherine Heigl = Katie Heigl

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 4.33.41 PM.pngJoseph Gordon-Levitt = Joe Gordon-Levitt

Michael+Cera2.jpgMichael Cera = Mike Cera

dave-franco-men-to-watch-2012.jpgDave Franco = Davey Franco

julianne_moore_sarah_palin_hbo_pic_2011.jpgJulianne Moore = Julie Moore

Johnny-Knoxville-Venice-Family-Clinic-Silver-Circle-Gala-2011-johnny-knoxville-19777873-396-594.jpgJohnny Knoxville = PJ [Ed. his real name]

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 4.54.28 PM.png
Sandra Bullock = Sandy Bullock

jennifer_aniston_getty_images.jpgJennifer Aniston = Jen Aniston

Natalie Portman = Nat Portman

Julianna-Margulies-2011-SAG-Awards.jpgJulianna Margulies = Jules Margulies

seymourhoffman.jpgPhilip Seymour Hoffman = Phil Hoffman

cn_image.size.ed-burns-qa.jpgEd Burns = Eddie Burns

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