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Morning Funnies: Betty White, National Treasure


Oh no, too cute! Betty White meets Jimmy Fallon's dog, Gary. (Go to the 2:50 mark)

And in part 2...

Betty says something amazingly bitch about Kim Kardashian. This woman is a national treasure. [LNJF]

Tina_Fey_and_her_Muppet.JPGTina Fey is in final negotiations to star as a Russian gulag prison guard in the next Muppets movie, a "European-set adventure" co-starring Ty Burell and Ricky Gervais. Fingers crossed for jewel thieves, pencil mustaches, tandem bicycle chases and Miss Piggy in an ushanka. [Flavorwire]

tumblr_mgals32Cao1qzot6ao1_500.pngEach episode is just 30 minutes of Ryan Loche standing very still, making that exact face.  [100YearsofLolitude]

3ExsU.jpgLego pot leaves, anyone? [Reddit]

tumblr_mftpik3nwW1rjnnjho1_500.jpgWelcome to Puggingston Court. Pugglesby will show you to your chambers.[Afernoonsnoozebutton]

tumblr_mg71ih4wtL1rejnkgo1_1280.jpg OK. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

i5NID7QTkZdn1.gif I never thought I'd say this, but I'm really looking forward to this season of American Idol. [ONTD]

policyadvisory.pngNew policy. [Flickr via New York Shitty]

tumblr_mfzkrqOjUp1qbsjqno1_500.jpgBruce Willis on the set of Pulp Fiction, enjoying a Pepsi. [FYeah1990s]

tumblr_mgao2pfKfw1qz7lxdo1_500.gifIf you need us, we'll be staring at this for the rest of the day. [FYeahDementia]

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