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Chris Black's Favorite Blogs Of 2012

We asked Chris Black of Done to Death and Words For Young Men (and our "You Should Check Out" column) to tell us his favorite blogs of 2012. Here they are.

1) Post New

A well-designed site that covers fashion, film, architecture, culture and fashion. I guarantee you will see something you like.

2) Identical Eye 

Twin sisters Karen and Sara Brown fill their blog with beautiful images that cover a range of subjects from the southwest to their favorite interiors and editorials.

3) Into the Gloss 

A fantastic collection of images from the team behind fashion/beauty website The Gloss.

4) My Live Journal Sucks

Ryan O'Connell from Thought Catalog has kept his Tumblr a secret until very recently. You will laugh, you will cry, you will take Xanax.

5) Everyday Workshop

Everyday Workshop is a creative studio based in New York City and their Tumblr is a study in smart and intriguing design.

6) Coverjunkie -

Magazine covers from all over the world, organized for your perusal.

7) The Quietus 

"Here to give music ranging from dubstep, death metal and post punk to hip-hop, pop and spacerock the coverage it deserves."

8) Dear Coquette

My favorite advice column. Brash, to the point and almost always right.

9) Wax Wane

10) An informative look at men's clothing and style from writer Jake Gallagher, who is wise beyond his years.

11) Maggie Harrsen 

Serene photos that explore the relationship between nature and self from the Amagansett-based photographer Maggie Harrsen.

12) The Lively Morgue 

A Tumblr showcasing photographs from The New York Times's archives. Doesn't get much better.

Screenshot via Into the Gloss.

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