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Paper's Insta-Walgreens Gift Guide

You know who has lots of last-minute gifts? Walgreens! Inspired by our Instagift guide, the Papermag.com staff stopped our local Wags on 34th and 5th to pick out some treats. Happy holidays!

Mickey's picks:
walphoto(26).JPGPrimi Frutti Semi Sparkling Aromatized Wine Product in Peach ($6.49)
The name sounded so horrifying, I couldn't resist.

walphoto(30).JPGSponge Bob Chia Pet ($19.99)
A Chia Pet seems like such an item for the time capsule, but make it a Sponge Bob Chia Pet  and it seems like the freshest gift in the store!

walphoto(34).JPGSlippers ($11.99)
I'd like to walk down to check the mail in these little leopard slippers. It would scare the neighbors and boost my fashion cred simultaneously.

walphoto(31).JPGJack Nicklaus Lemonade ($1)
The Golden Bear is golf legend Jack Nicklaus and I think Abby looks pretty cool holding this jumbo can of Golden Bear lemonade. It's the new malt liquor!

walphoto(36).JPGHarley Davidson Bag ($3.49)
I like putting the gayest of gay gifts into this bad-ass Harley Davidson gift bag. It confuses people.

walphoto(35).JPGMurray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade ($3.99.)
The packaging is magnificent. I couldn't resist.

walphoto(37).JPGTaylor Swift Notebook ($3.99)
Even though we're never ever getting back together, I think Taylor looks cute on this notebook and it makes it look like I'm up to date with music trends.

Elizabeth's picks:
walgreensphoto(14).JPGVibrator ($14.99)

walgreenswildthing.jpgWild Thing Pencil Pouch ($4.99)
I like these because you can also use them as makeup/toiletries bags.

wagsphoto(14).jpgBigelow teas ($3.19)
The boxes are bright and cheerful and everyone likes tea. Mickey says that this pick shows I have bad taste, but I think the red and green colors here are fun and festive.

Partyanimal.pngParty Animal Dancing Pet Speaker ($24.99)
This stuffed cat plugs into your phone or iPod and struts to whatever music you play. There is also a dog version that looks like a giant gerbil.

walphoto(20).JPGArctic zone skateboarder lunch bag ($7.99)
For the cool dudes in your life.

walphoto(19).JPGMagician's Cereal Marshmallows (2 for $3)
A lot of us are going on vacation for the next week and should be able to eat any garbage we want. Put these in your Kashi Go Lean and relaxxx.

walphoto(18).JPGFriendly Christmas unicorn. Price upon request.

Abby's Picks:

walgreens3.jpgIron Skillet Cookie Gift Set (Chocolate Chip; $9.99)

walgreens4.jpg"Dream Tones" Night Light & Sound Machine ($14.99)

walgreens5.jpgOrnament ($1)

walgreens9.jpgNyQuil 2 Pack (kinda a joke but it's also flu season!; $19.99)

walgreens10.jpgDog bone ($1)

walgreens16.jpgShimmer Glitter Tattoos (As Seen on TV; $9.99)

walgreens17.jpg"Leg Lamp" Hanging Clip with Sound ($6.99)

walgreens18.jpgPretzel Party ($3.99)

Jonah's Picks:

karaokemachine.jpgKaraoke Machine ($49.99) + Slow Cooker ($8.99):
Why bother going out on New Year's? For one-third the price of a Jay-Z Barclays ticket, your loved one can throw his or her own party with this slow cooker (mmm chili) and karaoke machine, which comes with a "microphone, demo disc & 5 bonus songs" but whose packaging makes sure to note "TV not included."

My Blueberry Nights DVD (price unknown):
I haven't seen Wong Kar-Wai's 2008 drama, but according to the packaging our film critic Dennis Dermody called it "beautiful, romantic and hopeful." Maybe that's why the soundtrack's been lying around our office.

Taylor Swift, Red CD ($13.99):
Because it made the year-end lists at Rolling Stone, Spin, and Billboard but isn't available on Spotify, Rhapsody or Rdio.

Tim McGraw fragrance collection ($19.99):
The namesake of Swift's first single gets into the fragrance market. Waylon Jennings must be spinning in his grave.

The TV Set DVD (price unknown):
This movie is dope. It's got a fat, bearded David Duchovny playing what seems like a Freaks & Geeks-era Judd Apatow (the film was written and directed by Freaks alum Jake Kasdan) and a fierce Sigourney Weaver as the antagonistic network exec. Also Judy Greer, whom everybody loves. Probably the best TV-industry takedown since Network.

Walgreen's gift card ($5-500):
Sometimes choosing one thing is just too hard.

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